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About Dana Marie Perez

I am a full-time Software Engineer by day, but I am ​also a full-time Community Development Worker in ​my free time. I am passionately advocating for ​Education, the Environment, Human Rights, Youth ​Development, and Animal Rights. I create and ​execute individual and group projects that actively ​push my aforementioned advocacies forward ​locally, nationally, and internationally.


University of the ​Philippines Cebu

BS Computer Science

2010 - 2014

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G-Perez Group

CEO & Co-founder

September 2023 - Present

Project Batang ​Hilongosnon

Co-founder & Overall Project Manager

August 2020 - Present




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Most Recent News

Recently, I have been busy working on these projects and activities!

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Client Testimonials

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"Vibrant and

encouraging enthusiasm"

Absolutely fulfilling project collaboration.

Rio turned all of our ideas into beautiful visual tools -- all while maintaining a vibrant and encouraging enthusiasm.

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inspiring designer"

Rio's grasp of digital art is truly inspiring.

You'll surely learn a lot of amazing stuff during the project process with Rio.

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Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. People love recommendations so feedback from others who've tried it is invaluable.

Reach out if you want ​to create impactful ​projects together.

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(123) 456 7890

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