Backpacking in Cebu South: Oslob, Samboan, and Dalaguete on a Budget

Backpacking in Cebu SouthCebu is a paradise. Everything that you wish to find are here; white sand beaches, pristine waterfalls, hot springs, rich aquatic resources, exotic food and culture, smiles, and many many more. I cannot express my happiness that I am living in such a rich province. There is so much to see and explore.

For the long weekend of July, me and my special someone decided to have our very first legit adventure trip together. I decided that we go south of Cebu because I am just very thrilled to see the Whale Sharks in Oslob. Being the type of person who is in a tight budget I urged my companion that we visit four (4) tourist spots in one (1) trip to make our backpacking trip worth it since municipalities in Cebu can easily be visited. We went to Oslob, then Samboan, then Dalaguete for this trip.


We all want to travel. Some, if not all, want to travel on a budget. With that, for this travel guide I will be sharing to you four things: (1) our detailed itinerary, (2) our detailed summary of expenses, (3) experiences per tourist spots, and lastly, (4) some generic tips and tricks. So brace yourself for this blog will be quite lengthy.

Cebu South Weekend Trip SummaryDETAILED ITINERARY

Our trip took 3 days. We really took our time to savor every moment in every place that we visited so that in the future, we won’t be regretting anything. If you are planning a trip similar to this (visiting 4 tourist spots), I suggest that you allot 3 days for it.

Take your time to explore each place that you go to so that you won’t be missing anything. Be sure to eat their delicacies, mingle with the natives, observe their daily lives and town, and make friends.


The total expenses that we had for our trip was around Php 6,000.00 overall for the two of us. Both of us have huge appetites so expect that a huge chunk of that sum amount is food. Good news is that, you can control your food expenses so go lang nang go! 😀

Since the puSummary of Expensesrpose of this section is to guide future travelers as to how much they will be spending for this kind of trip, I have presented a summary of expenses below for a solo traveler. This summary of expenses will help you determine the price per person for each item and also the items that you may share the cost with other people if you travel with company.

I also added some details for each item just below the image.

  • Bus Fare
    Yes! That’s right, it’s only Php 138.00 per person if you are travelling from Cebu City to Poblacion, Oslob. Be sure to start your travel super early in the morning. Advisable time of travel would be from 4am to 6am for you to be able to catch up with the time limit of 12:30pm on the Whale Shark watching registration.
  • Accommodation
    In Oslob, there are many resorts and lodges that you can stay in to. Price ranges from Php 650.00 to Php 2,000.00 per day. Cheaper accommodations are located at the Poblacion area like Fridel’s Lodge and the Gunner’s Lodge. The Gunner’s Lodge was the cheapest that we found at the rate of Php 650.00 for a fan room so we stayed there. At Brgy. Tanawan, where the Whale Shark watching is done, there are also many resorts that offer very good accommodation but they are usually very expensive at the rate of Php 1,500 to Php 2,000.00, which are overpriced in my opinion.
  • Souvenirs
    We only bought souvenirs during our Whale Shark Watching adventure and during our Osmeña Peak climb. Rates for the souvenirs usually ranges from Php 45.00 to Php 50.00. For me, I always spend to get a remembrance from all the places that I visit but I make sure I get the lowest price. Soooo canvass, canvass, and canvass!
  • Food
    As for our trip, we ate a lot that is why we spent a lot for the food. As for you, if you are really in a tight budget, I recommend that you spend Php 50.00 per meal per person. You can find carenderias selling very cheap food usually at the Poblacion part of the municipality, so eat your meals and prepare your food before going to the tourist spots since all the food near the tourist spots are overpriced.
  • The the expenses for each tourist spot, I placed them to their individual articles. Check out the links of their individual articles below.


Travelling is expensive. We should be careful with how we spend to still be on the budget. Let me give you some tips and tricks for this trip in order to match the tightness of your budget.

  1. There are cheaper buses than the Ceres Buses. I won’t mind riding those. They seem safe to me.
  2. For the local transportation in the municipality, if it is possible to travel via jeepney or tricycle, use that mode of transportation. Keep the motorbike riding as a last resort.
  3. Choose restaurants or carenderias that are far from the tourist spots to avoid overpriced foods.
  4. Canvass, canvass, and canvass! This is not only applicable to searching for souvenirs. This is also when finding foods, accommodation, etc. Find the most sulit price and item.
  5. If possible, don’t travel alone so that you can save! This is in terms of how much you can save if  you don’t travel alone.
  6. Internet connection? All mobile networks, I believe, provides a free mobile internet so your prepaid loads for Php 10.00 can already give you the internet bandwidth that you need to update your social media sites. (Because I know you will really do that.) 😀
  7. Don’t go directly to resorts. Just like during Whale Shark Watching, you can go directly to the briefing area to avoid entrance fees on resorts.
  8. Entertain suggestions from locals but always take time to think on what’s the best options for you. Don’t rush!
  9. Travel more than one tourist spots for every trip you make so that the trip will be sulit (worth it). This will save you the money and effort of going back to places again just to visit those spots that you could’ve visited during your previous trips.

Most importantly, sometimes we miss some details during the travel because we tend to only look forward for the tourist spots. The place has more to offer than their famous tourist spots. Here are some tips to enjoy your vacation the best way!

  1. Make friends with the locals. It’s always best to make some friends wherever you go not just to make connections but also to really experience the culture.
  2. If there are some activities in the area, don’t miss it! During our stay there we watched a basketball and a volleyball championship game. We blended in and it was very heartwarming to witness the strong support of the locals with these kinds of activities in their municipality.
  3. Walk around the area. Savor each corner of the place.
  4. Eat local foods. Since we are Cebuanos the street foods are not that surprising to us. This tip is for those who are not from Cebu.

Wew! It was a lengthy post and I would like to thank you for reading it fully. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope this article would be helpful to you. 🙂

Our trip to Cebu South was amazing. We wouldn’t forget it.
If you haven’t been there, give yourself an amazing trip, too.
Travel south! 🙂

If you wish to meet our very amazing and supportive tour guide, you may contact him directly:

Gabby Binggan

I am very open to comments, suggestions, and inquiries. Please just drop me a comment below.

Thank you! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Backpacking in Cebu South: Oslob, Samboan, and Dalaguete on a Budget

  1. Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful. 🙂
    Yes, laag nya didto haha Nice kaayo didto. Pero mao lagi, if you read my Oslob: A Paradise nga article, I said there nga crowded kaayo na didto. Huhu maka disappoint usahay 😦


    1. Hi! Read your Oslob article and then I realized that naka visit naman diay ko sa oslob before! Haha! Pero that was years ago pa… and I think that time super bag.o pa toh ang whale shark and gi mahalan ra mi so wala mi nadayon but now nasayangan nako kay I really want to experience it! Hehe! I think that time dili pa pd ayu toh crowded ang Falls. Sayang… medyo maka disappoint btaw na ang place when super crowded na kay di na au nimo ma appreciate ang nature kay samok na. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhh okay. Sayang gyud. Sagdi lang, naa paman sa’y next time. 🙂
        And mao lagi. Urag ing ana gyud na, ma crowded gyud ang place kung ma sikat na. Sadly. 😦 So get the most of your trips nalang bisan naay mga ing-ana nga negative things. 😀

        Thanks for visiting the site! Amping! 🙂

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  2. Wow!!! Very helpful….ito n gagamitin kong itinerary for my upcoming visit to Cebu next month! Nga lang, ako lang mag-isa but I feel more excited!!! Haha.
    Thanks a lot.


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