Sun-kissed from Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort

Yes, if you can afford and would like to enjoy a quality time in a resort that has more to offer than a white sand beach, choose Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort!

I lived in Cebu City for almost 6 years now. In that 6 years, I have never visited a white sand beach resort in the famous Mactan island up until the 1st of November 2015. For one day, I have witnessed the beauty of the world-class Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is a member of the Bluewater Resorts group. I am not quite sure if how many Bluewater Resorts there are in the Philippines but I do know that there are Bluewater Resorts in Oslob’s Sumilon island and in Panglao, Bohol. Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort prides itself with its renowned professional guest service and amenities. With that, upon receiving my Bluewater coupons from a very kind friend, I was ecstatic to the bones! laughs

Let me share to you our day and my thoughts about Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort.

We went there on a Sunday (Yes, the resort was crowded with people . Haha) and started travelling to the resort at 7am. We rode a taxi from Gorordo Avenue in Cebu City to the resort for 30 minutes and paid Php250. It was still early and it was a Sunday so, there is still no traffic in Mandaue yet. Somehow, if you are in a tight budget, you can go to SM City Cebu Terminal and ride a V-hire to Lapu-lapu City. I think it would only cost you around Php25 to Php50. After that, you can find a jeepney or a tricycle that can take you to the resort itself. I believe it would be easy for you to ask around. Taking a taxi is for me a better transportation if you are not in a tight budget since you can avoid traffic, enjoy the ride, and it would save you from hassle.


Upon arriving in the Resort a beautiful unique reception area greeted us. They also have very cheerful and courteous people who served us right away by helping us out of the taxi and pointing us to the receptionist. We found out that they have an entrance fee worth Php700. Moreover, they also introduced to us their Daytour package that includes Php700 for your food in any of their food houses and an unlimited use of their main pool and beach. But since we have a coupon for food , which allowed us 50% discount of our food in one-sitting, and a coupon for the use of the beach and pool, we didn’t paid much attention to the Daytour package. Alright! Let me start my tour of the resort by presenting to you their Filipino-style accommodations.

Bluewater’s Native Rooms

Right after the reception area, you can already see all their accommodation rooms lining along the side together with the pools, fountains, flowers, and trees. I believe, their accommodations are the reason why they stand out from all the premier beach resorts in Mactan. As what I have observed, the resort is inspired from the Filipino-spanish mixed culture and tradition. Their small nipa houses seem cozy and look very cute from the outside. They also have huge houses that are divided by rooms that have styles inspired from the 1800s elite Filipino houses. I am not sure but I heard that their accommodation prices ranges from Php8000 to Php15000 per day. I’m a poor kid that’s why I chose not to stay overnight even though my kind friend offered to give me a coupon that would entitle me 70% discount on the accommodation fee. laughs Though I was not able to go inside one of their accommodations, I believe they are all outstanding.

Garden Wing
Bluewaters-GardenWing1 Bluewaters-GardenWing2


Other Accommodations

Bluewaters-otheraccoms Bluewaters-otheraccoms2

Bluewater Food!

Food should always be good because if it’s not, it would ruin the trip. *laughs* Bluewater offers variety of food choices starting from Filipino cuisine to American, to British, etc. They also have 3 food houses. The Cove, the Oyster Bar, and the Allegro Restaurant. I am more familiar with Allegro since we were not able to visit the first two.

Bluewater-Allegro Bluewater-OysterBar

They have an affordable package that would let you select a main course, then a side dish, and a sauce with price ranges from Php200 to Php400. So of course, we chose that. I ordered chicken and my bestfriend ordered salmon. We also shared a serving of sea food and chips. I am not sure what cuisine that was but all I can say is everything was oily and buttery. I am very Filipina when it comes to food. I’ve always treasured our grills, the toyo, the salt, the bitsin, and the rice of course. That was why maybe I was not that impressed with their food? But hey, overall, I was happy with the food. 🙂

Food prices? Check them out below.

Main Courses
Prices starts from Php200 to Php 400.

Bluewater-maincourse2 Bluewater-maincourse


Usually priced at Php100 to Php300. And yes, we chose the usual Banana Split. Haha


Prices starts at Php50 to over Php100. If I remember it well.


Sun kissing and water splashing! Off to the pools and the beach!


Bluewater-AllegroPool Bluewater-inhousepool

Just as what is expected with a prestigious resort, their pool is divine! They have 3 pools in the resort. The main pool, which just beside the Allegro Restaurant and is open to everybody and the 2 in-house pools that are also situated near the accommodations to make it accessible to the in-house guests.

The White Sand Beach

Bluewater-Beach Bluewater-Beach

Though I heard from somewhere that the white sand was not originally from the place, the shore is still stunning. The nipa cottages fits the whole look together with the white swings attached to the coconut trees. It is the perfect place for Sunbathing and sleeping. We had our heads relaxed with the fresh air and the beautiful view around us. As for the water, I would not sugarcoat it. The water is full of sea weeds and even in the high tide, the sea level would not satisfy you if you would want to swim all day. They offer Snorkelling for Php1000 per person if you want to swim with the fishes out in the deeper parts of the sea. But we were poor kids enjoying the benefits of coupons so, we just swam at the waist-level water near the shore. *laughs* Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time in the beach.

Other than swimming and sunbathing in the beach, you can still do many things in Bluewater. They offer Water Sports such as jet-skiing, scuba-diving, and island-hopping. You need not worry about your swimming gears because you can just rent from there.

Bluewater-jetski Bluewater-rentals

Non-beachy Fun!

What makes Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort more than a resort is its fun-filled leisure activities. They have a lot starting from a giant chess board, billiards, table tennis, beach volleyball, fish feeding in their Marine Wildlife Lagoon, to kiddies’ playground and playroom. It is a well-rounded beach where you can find fun even out of the waters.

Bluewater-fishes Bluewater-chessboard

And yes, they have Amuma Spa! Prices starts from Php 2800, if I remember it well. *laughs*


And swings under the gigantic trees! 😀


Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort has lapses. If you still remember the ones I mentioned earlier. Somehow, whenever I look at the pictures that I took and the memories that I created there, I can see a resort that focuses on improvement and becoming better everytime. Because you see, they may not have the natural white sand or the crystal clear water that other resorts have, but they focus more on things that they can improve and they become outstanding on it. Like their accommodations, their leisure activities, the water sports, their wise use of space and natural resources like the swings  and the man-made sand dunes. It’s just that, everything you see there is made to be better. That’s just absolutely brilliant!

So yes, if you can afford and would like to enjoy a quality time in a resort that has more to offer than a white sand beach, choose Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort!



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