Oslob: A Paradise

In this generation of explorers and adventurers, Cebu province’s Oslob is a well-known travel destination. That would be because of the friendship the Oslobanons created with their huge fish friends, the Whale Sharks.

The Whale Sharks of Oslob are also the reason why we decided to travel to the south of Cebu. And we were very happy we did because our stay there helped us uncover a lot more things that Oslob can offer aside from their friendship with the Whale Sharks. I will be very happy to share those things to you through this blog.

How to go there?

From Cebu City to Poblacion, Oslob, the fare is only Php138.00. Be sure to start your travel super early in the morning. Advisable time of travel would be from 4am to 6am to avoid traffic and for you to be able to catch up with the time limit of 12:30pm on the Whale Shark watching registration.

For the transportation around the municipality for each tourist spot, check them out below. 🙂

The adventure!

We visited 3 local destinations in Oslob; (1) Oslob’s Historical Plaza, (2) Whale Shark Watching feeding area,  and (3) Tumalog Falls.

Historical Plaza

Just like many of the municipalities in Cebu, Oslob also has the usual historic church and a small museum at its Poblacion (center) area. Be sure to visit their huge historical plaza. It’s a good scenery, both the seaside park and the historical buildings. They also have a small museum for all the donated antiques and artifacts from their fellow Oslobanons.

Their seaside park is very relaxing, especially during sunset. ❤


Whale Shark Watching

From the Poblacion to Brgy. Tan-awan, the transpo via motorbike is Php 50.00 for one way, thus, Php 100.00 back and forth per person. As for us, that was quite a wrong start since we learned that we can actually ride a jeep to reach Brgy. Tan-awan at Php 10.00 one way. But it was fine, we met our tour guide for the whole trip because we decided to ride a motorbike so no regrets. laughs

We started at a resort called Aaron’s Resort because we didn’t know that we can just go directly to the briefing area. Since we registered through a resort, we paid an entrance fee of Php 100.00 per person for the shower and the locker. If you don’t want those luxuries, just go directly to the briefing area. They have everything that you need except for the lockers. The Whale Shark watching fee is at Php 500.00 per person. If you do not have an underwater camera and you would like to document your WSW adventure, you can rent a GoPro Cam for Php 500. You can tell them to burn the pictures in a CD for Php 50.00 or you can just have the files transferred to your preferred storage at Php 20.00. (I guess I was not able to include that to the summary of expenses in the mother article. Please take note of the file transfer fees, too.)

Whale Shark Watching is only 30 minutes so get the most of each moment! Actually, you can go diving with them but it is very expensive at the rate of Php 3,000.00 for 1 hour. What’s sad though is that, the spot is very crowded since it is very famous all over the world. We didn’t enjoy that much because of the volume of the crowd.

Please excuse our awkward positions, it was really hard to pose under water. (Haha)

Still, no picture near the Whale shark. 😥


Find the baby whale sharks in the picture below! 😀


Tumalog Falls Escapade
From Poblacion to Tumalog Falls the transpo rate is at Php 75.00 one way. Upon arriving at the top, hike your way to the falls itself and back so that you can save another Php100.00 for another motorbike fee. The hike is only 15 minutes so no sweat and save up! The entrance fee to the falls is Php20.00 only. I added another Php50.00 tip to our tour guide for this day since he offered us a FREE mountain roadtrip to Samboan and back to Oslob so that we can go to Aguinid Falls.oslob-tumalogI would like to apologize but I was not able to get the actual Barangay location of the falls. Upon arriving at the gate before the falls itself, many people will urge you to ride a motorbike to reach the falls. Just like what I said earlier, decide to walk if you are in a tight budget. At least you had a quick exercise. If you decide to hike, be sure to bring an umbrella for sun protection. Also, spoiler alert, surrounding places of the falls are very very cold. The falls itself is very huge.  We just didn’t like how crowded the place is. 😦


Climb up to the side rocks of the falls. It’s gonna be fun! 😀


After this pitstop, our tour guide gave us a FREE mountain ride. Our starting point was in Oslob and we took off to Samboan to witness their famous Aguinid Falls and we went back to Oslob by travelling at the top of the mountains! Cool, eh?


Everything was amazing starting from witnessing the past and the present of Oslob through their Historial Plaza and their ever lively community, to enjoying the Whale Shark adventure, to immersing ourselves to the coolness of Tumalog Falls, and finally, to the awesome mountain ride as our our conclusion for the day. I could not wish for more. *laughs

My Campaigns

Somehow, amidst all the fun and adventure in Oslob, I also cannot help but notice some things that needs much attention.

  1. The Whale Shark adventure was fun but I believe it is not something good for the Whale Sharks. Many people from all over the world go there to witness them and it is such a feat somehow, I know in the long run, this would somehow cause a negative effect to the Whale Sharks and to the place as well. The place is too crowded and there is no proper process for within in the parameter. With that, it got me thinking the possible pros and cons of the activity. This would require a lot of studies but I hope, though, that professionals would take a lot at what is happening there.
  2. The same problem also occurs in Tumalog Falls. The place is sooooo crowded. It also got be disappointed since you will not enjoy the place as much as you can because of the number of people. Perhaps, a process should be applied to allow tourists to enjoy their visit there and to conserve the place as well.

Overall, I can absolutely say that it was an awesome trip! Only in Oslob that you can find a municipality which offers you everything that we have experienced above. With that, I cannot help but to encourage you to go but I also would like to encourage everybody to become responsible tourists in order to conserve what we are currently enjoying.

Thank you for reading!

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