Aguinid Falls: The Mini-Canyoneering Adventure in Samboan

Our trip to Aguinid Falls was not a planned trip because Canyoneering was out of the list when we planned our Cebu South Backpacking trip. But when our tour guide suggested that we go to Samboan to experience the Canyoneering adventure of Aguinid Falls, we didn’t think twice and just hopped to the motorbike and started the travel right away!

How to go there?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell the accurate amount for the travel to Samboan via bus or whatever public transportation that you can avail of for your travel because we had a free motorbike ride to Samboan sponsored by our tour guide. Somehow, I believe that you can ride a bus to Samboan. Usually buses from Cebu City traveling to the Southernmost of Cebu will be available 24 hours at the highways of the Cebu province. Fare usually ranges from Php90 to Php150 depending on your starting point and destination.

The adventure!

The entrance fee is Php 40.00 but Filipino citizens have a 50% discount, thus, we only paid Php 20.00 per person. The tour guides were also very friendly. They document your trip for you but they don’t have their own cameras so bring your own waterproof cam. Because the tour guide was very accommodating throughout the whole tour, we gave him a tip of Php50.00.

The Aguinid Falls is in Samboan, Cebu. What is unique with Aguinid Falls is that it offers a semi-canyoonering experience. Semi because it is not that extreme compared to other canyoonering spots. It would require you to climb rocks, slide from rocks, etc. It offers varied kinds of water and rock formations from level 1 to 5.

Level 1 was a very simple trek, so, my first picture would be us climbing our way to level 2. 🙂

samboan-level 2

And yes, hello to the petite falls in level 2!


Next would be our huge jumps at level 3! 😀

And say hello to us crawling our way up to level 4!


Lastly, say hello to the largest “sub-falls” in Aguinid Falls. Level 5!


And for the last video, this is us going down from level 2 to level 1. 🙂

Challenging, yeah? I heard that the Canyoneering adventure in Badian, Cebu was the best but this Aguinid Falls adventure is definitely something! Check them out now!


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