Elevated by the Highest Peak in Cebu! The O-mazing O-Peak!


The Osmeña Peak is the highest point in the Cebu province with 1, 072.6  MASL. It is located at Brgy. Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu. If you are from the Cebu Province, I believe you already heard or read about this tourist spot since this has been one of the go-to places in Cebu, especially for those who are fond of trekking, hiking, camping, and a lot more physical activities under the sun.

How to go there?

If you have read the mother article of this article, you would know that climbing the Osmeña Peak is only one of our 4 adventures on that trip. So yes, our starting point for our travel to the peak is at Oslob, Cebu since we had the first 3 adventures there. Our transportation from Oslob to Dalaguete was for FREE. (Yey!) Since our tour guide, kuya Abe, wanted to climb the peak for the first time as well. The three of us went together using his motorbike. For a regular commuter, if you travel via bus, we heard that the cost is at Php 50.00 per person and the bus would take you from Oslob to Dalaguete’s Poblacion only. But if your starting point would be from Cebu City, I believe, Cebu City to Dalaguete would only cost you more or less Php100. After that, you would need to ride a motorbike to reach Brgy. Mantalongon where the peak is situated and we heard that it would cost you Php 150.00 per person one way. I am not sure of those rates though since we were not able to experience it personally. That would only be for your reference.

The adventure!

Upon arriving at Brgy. Mantalongon, we couldn’t help but appreciate the view of the place. Aside from the very green surroundings, we also appreciated how the people strived hard to keep the place clean despite the huge volume of tourists who visit the place.


We started the climb at around 6:30am in the morning. Mr. Sun has already had a good stretch at the sky when we climb that is why the sky is already very bright. We were even surprised that it still feels cold in the place. Probably because of their elevation. I also heard that Mantalongon is also known as the little Bagiuo of Cebu. Makes sense, though.

Upon arriving at the camping grounds just beside the towering peaks, we were surprised by the huge number of campers that were there. They probably stayed the night, of course. Haha I must say that it is a good place to camp because it is a safe place, so I heard.


It is not my first time to climb a peak or a mountain since I was born in the mountainous area of Hilongos, Leyte. It’s not much of a climb, though, because it was only a short trek to reach the highest peak and not much hassle during the trek as well. Somehow, I would admit that it was a dangerous climb because the huge rocks are very sharp. It would certainly cause a serious injury if you commit a mistake in climbing up the rocks. One has to be very careful with their every step.

The view from the top is alluring.  The peaks at the top looks like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The ocean can also be seen from there. If you climb up there, be sure to climb at the highest peak. I think it won’t be a hassle finding the highest one.


Stand, sit, dance, or do whatever you want at the top of the peak but just be very very careful! 🙂 As for me, I was only able to sit because Tonio (my boyfriend) was in safety-freak mode. laughs


Check out our hippie video for a 360 degrees view of the whole place. 😀

If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to include it in your list. Also, I recommend that you stay there for the night to really experience the place. Camp! Three to four hours of stay there is not enough, especially if you are not bringing equipments or things you can find shade on. laughs

Looks up and thanks God for the amazing blessings of nature.


Osmena Peak - Shadow
Capturing the sun.

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