It is a place that I love my whole heart. I would have to say that I grew up here since I oftenly visit because my ancestry grew up here and my grandparents are still living here up to this day. Today, we are maintaining a permanent residence in this gracious barangay.

In some jokes, they call it “New Town”. For kids who still cannot speak clearly, they call it; “Umbayan”. It is my pleasure to introduce to you Brgy. Bagumbayan of Hilongos, Leyte.

Brgy. Bagumbayan is sandwiched between many barangays from all directions making it a major passageway of all those people who come from Brgy. Sta. Margarita, Brgy. Hampangan, Brgy. San Isidro, and Brgy. Agutayan, to name a few.

Population? As of 2010, there are 912 individuals living in the Barangay according to the official website of Hilongos.

The patron of the barangay is Sr. San Roque and the feast day for the patron is on the 16th day of August every year. Though the whole barangay celebrates its annual fiesta on this day, each of its Sitio also has their own fiestas and celebrations in certain unique days of the year. Somehow, I will not be talking about that in detail.


This barangay has a lot to offer. Our soil is rich, thus, majority of the locals are farmers. The whole barangay is agriculturally cultivated. Farmers from here produce products such as Copra, rice, Tuba, vinegar, livestocks, and many more. Talking about natural resources, this barangay has a river, several forestries, grasslands, a long creek, old and huge trees, and many more.

Let me tour you around all the Sitios of the barangay. Let’s start with . . .

Sitio Proper

The center of the barangay is here, that is why, it is named as Sitio Proper. Flowing around Sitio Proper is a long creek that starts outside of the Barangay border. I really love how its waters glitter when the sun shines through it. How lovely it looks when you view it with the greens around. Will capture a picture of the creek when I go back there.


We have all the following important establishments in this Sitio:

Barangay Hall and the Basketball Court20160227_162007
This happens to be the social center of the barangay. This part of the barangay is as usual surrounded with houses. Signifying that this place of the barangay has a very important role during social gatherings of the locals.

Village Church
20160227_162021Being in a Catholic country, a village church will never be absent in any village. This small church is just beside the Basketball Court, just like the usual setup of a Filipino neighborhood.

The Day Care Center and the Brgy. Tanod Outpost
20160227_162036Those two buildings at the right, which are stuck together in one piece are the ones I was talking about. I am a product of their Day Care Center and I am proud to acknowledge that.

The Barangay Elementary School
20160227_162729I am so proud to say that the Elementary School is a progressive one. Though I did not study there, my parents, just like the majority of the locals not just in the barangay but also some locals in the neighboring barangays, are currently studying and are products of this progressive school. They currently offer Pre-elementary studies and Grades 1 to 6 curriculums.

Alright! I think that’s all for Sitio Proper.

Sitio Candugdog

I acknowledge this Sitio as the Sitio for the future. Haha That’s because, as per the new barangay development plan, this sitio will house the new Barangay gym and will open up to constructions of resident houses for those locals who would like to transfer near the upcoming Barangay gym.

Hurrah for the upcoming gym! Replacing the old Basketball Court, I would say that this is a very conducive place to become the center of sports development because of the size of the facility. It’s nearly done!


Yes, we’re done for Sitio Candugdog. And yes, it is just a petite Sitio. For now, yeah?

Sitio Tuguipa

Now I am taking the trip to the elevated part of the barangay. If I am not mistaken, this Sitio is sliced into two. It’s first slice is called “Redland”, wherein their soil is actually red. The second slice is called “Tulay”. Please don’t ask me why they named it that way because I also do not know.


Among all the Sitios in this barangay, Sitio Tuguipa is my favorite one. That’s because of its wide and varied landscapes. Majority of the barangay’s forestries, grasslands, and ricefields are here. It is the only place in the barangay where I can actually climb up to hills and watch the pretty sun set from there.

For me, among all the Sitios, this Sitio hosts the merriest sitio fiesta. Yearly, it is graced with so many people who parties with them from morning till dawn of the next day. I think that’s because it is located in a very strategic place, which is a passageway for three huge neighboring Barangays: Brgy. Hampangan, Brgy. San Isidro, and Brgy. Agutayan.

Moreover, what caught my attention is their self-initiated very organized youth organization called Sitio Tuguipa Youth Association (STYA). This organization functions like the Sangguniang Kabataan’s local counterpart for this Sitio. What I love the most about this youth organization is that, it is not monopolized by anybody. Their officers are either elected or appointed by the members. They have created projects and they effectively organize activities for the annual sitio fiesta. Most importantly, they can unite and mobilize not just the youth but I think, majority of the locals in all ages.


Sitio Cang-inao

This Sitio is up on top of the hills! Unlike Sitio Tuguipa, which already have good roads, this Sitio is not that accessible to the people. If you cannot do motorbike on a sticky steep road, you should test your endurance and hike to the top in order to reach this Sitio. Not so many people live there because of the issue on accessibility. Many of the people who live there are usually those who own lands there.

Though this Sitio offers a lot of wonderful spots, it is just very difficult for me to visit it so I don’t usually go there unless there are special occassions.


Sitio Tama

Alright, going back down to the Sitios we talked about earlier, let’s go straight to the opposite direction. This Sitio is just right before we arrive to Sitio Proper. This Sitio has a lot to offer as well. Residential houses and agricultural spots stood together because owners tend to live near their properties, right?

This picture below shows the center of the Sitio.


And welcome to our humble homes. Just below the houses in the picture above is my family’s crib (picture below). We call this the Perez compound. Come visit me here and we’ll get fresh bukos! Haha


Just walk a few meters and you will arrive at the so called Neri Compound. Families do really stick together, yeah? 🙂


One of my most favorite spots in the barangay is the river! Of course! This river is a witness to many happiness, heartaches, and fears of the locals. This spot plays a huge role in the development of this local civilization.


Today, this river and its sand provide the barangay a huge periodic income fueling many of the barangay’s activities and projects. Not just that, to save water, many people wash their clothes here! We do too! Additional to that, people sometimes put their livestocks here since the riverside also grows a lot of grasses and Filipino sunflowers. Moreover, people crosses this river to go back and forth to another neighboring barangay; Brgy. Tambis.

This river does not only provide food for the locals but also a place to unwind. For me, I usually swim here ever since I was child. And now that I’ve grown up, my father allows us to do star gazing here as well. A spot you would surely love!

Sitio Kamanggahan

This Sitio is somewhat separated from the others because of its location. If we are travelling from Brgy. Concepcion going up to Brgy. Bagumbayan, this Sitio will be the first one we will meet.

If you see this sitio in person, we would say that this only covers a huge hill in the barangay. That’s because the center of the sitio really looks like a huge hill of houses. Haha Somehow, way beyond the houses is a huge landscape of agriculturally cultivated soils. Same as the rest of the sitios, majority of the locals are farmers and owns their lands near their residential houses.

This sitio houses Hilongos’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The municipal has been very generous to the sitio by putting the facility there because a number of jobs have been available for the locals there. People have also been taught how to recycle materials that has already been put to waste.

I regret that I haven’t snapped a picture of this Sitio since this is very far from the center of the Barangay. But don’t worry! I will update this blog once I will have the pictures.

Alright! We’re done touring all the Sitios inside the barangay. I hope you enjoyed the tour.
If you noticed, I mentioned that majority of the locals in the barangay are farmers. Yes, you heard that right. Somehow, majority of the new generation of the youth and middle-aged locals are professionals and private and public company workers. With that, it is safe to think that in the near future, farming wouldn’t be as rampant here as how it is today.

In the scale of 1 to 10 in terms of progressiveness, I would rate the barangay as 6. Even though there is still a lot to do in the barangay, we have proven that it is progressive enough to sustain its current establishments.

That sums up our tour inside Barangay Bagumbayan. For questions, opinions, and suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for dropping by!

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