Those Little Things are the Ones that Matter for Mother Earth

This month when I bought the May-June 2016 issue of Meg Magazine, I was stunned when I read a two-page environmental campaign inside its pages. I did not expect that these two pages will remind me with the fact that I can actually contribute greatly to the advocacy of protecting and preserving the environment by doing some little things I usually ignore in my day-to-day living. These are things that we know that we should do but we tend to just not do them. Why? Because we are not committed and sincere enough to bring our advocacy to practice. The magazine encourages to cut the illustrations out and put it in places where people can see them. For me, I will take advantage of the internet to remind you, dear netizen who is reading this right now, that you can do more for the environment without wasting a sweat.

Here are 14 little things we can do for Mother Earth:

2016-06-05 19.33.04


  1. If you still have old notebooks that are reusable, don’t buy new ones. Avoid the common practice of always buying new notebooks every opening of classes. Perhaps you can compile all the unused notebooks and stitch them together. In a bigger perspective, maybe if there will be less demand for new notebooks, producers might manufacture less everytime.


2016-06-05 19.20.32


2. No to plastic bags! No to paper bags! Yes to eco-bags! Again, the key is to reuse. Why do we always go for plastic bags even though we know that they are immortal materials? Why will we resort to paper bags when we have better options? We just need to be extra committed with bringing them whenever we shop.


2016-06-05 19.21.39



3. Energy conservation! Plus, we get to exercise daily! Yes, elevator use has been a part of our lives that we forgot how much electrical energy we consume by using it too much daily.



2016-06-05 19.22.28



4. Why do we always buy plastic bottled drinks? Can we bring tumblers and bring our own water or juice? Majority of plastic wastes came from bottled drinks. I am very guilty with this, too, because of my laziness. Let’s change together!


2016-06-05 19.23.24


5. Billions of mailed bills per month will cost us billions of trees per month as well. World-wide. I believe huge companies nowadays offer electronic bills or online website where you can sign-in, create an account, and view your bills. Let’s take advantage of our technology!




2016-06-05 19.24.27



6. Turn on the lights! The computer! The wi-fi router! Switch off or unplug everything that should not be running when you are out. This reminder is a classic. I think I don’t need to explain. *laughs



2016-06-05 19.25.20



7. Yes. Please. It will not just help you avoid fire accidents or phone explosion incidents but it will also conserve energy. To do that, charge at the proper time so that you can check on it from time to time and unplug it right after the battery is full.  And please don’t use your phone while charging.



2016-06-05 19.26.13


8. Plant a tree whenever you can. It doesn’t matter where. You can plant in your back yard or in a random street or in your farm. Wherever. Just to compensate for the trees that has been cut down. You also don’t need to join a tree planting project to do it. You can do it alone. Buy a seed from the store. Try to do it periodically, too.



2016-06-05 19.27.19



9. Educate yourself. Read! Stay up to date with the latest issues, breakthroughs, events, or campaigns about the environment. Ignorance is not bliss in terms of environmental issues. We should know what is happening in order to respond correctly.


2016-06-05 19.30.14



10. Water will not stay forever if we do not conserve it. Many places on Earth no longer have access to safe drinking water. We are blessed that we still cherish the gift of water in our lands. That we can still cook, drink, take a bath without struggling to get the water we need. Let’s not waste it.



2016-06-05 19.32.04



11. LED are expensive but better alternatives in energy conservation. They use lesser amount of energy than flourescent lamps. Another energy conservation trick!




2016-06-05 19.34.09



12. The more you travel with these giants, the more you contribute additional Carbon Dioxide to the air! So, it is better if you plan your routes efficiently so that you can drop by your pitstops in just one way! Better, use public transportation, if you can.



2016-06-05 19.34.54



13. Organics are love. No to leather. No to furs! The more we support earth-loving products the more we push for responsible production of goods and products made from plants and animals.




2016-06-05 19.36.10



14. Solid Waste Management should be strictly applied in every household. This is also a classic. Throw your trashes in trash cans! Segregate your trashes. This is not hard to do if we discipline ourselves.





Those are the 14 simple things that we can do daily. I hope we learned something from this article. I hope we were able to ignite our passion to protect the environment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Meg Magazine for a very helpful and inspiring reminder to each and everyone of us!

In this generation and probably in the next generations to come, man’s greatest problem is and will always be the rapid destruction of the environment. Now that man has finally experienced the consequences of abusing the environment for the sake of money, we are now launching countless campaigns and movements promoting preservation of Mother Earth. Various organizations have been established promising to devote their time and effort in campaigning to protect the environment. It is amazing and very promising to have these people around who are very dedicated for this advocacy but will these campaigns be effective if we, the common people, will not support them?

“There is power in the collective.”  – Miss Cebu 2014, Diane Muego

The ones mentioned above are just very simple tasks that we do everyday but if we do it together, it will create a huge impact.

Change your ways and mindset starting now. Let us protect and preserve the environment together.

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