Mt. Naupa: Another Friendly Peak at the South (With Travel Guide and Summary of Expenses)

Mt. Naupa has become popular to mountaineers, campers, and trekkers since last year. We got curious about it, that is why, when my friends invited me to have a camping trip to Mt. Naupa, I did not hesitate to come!

We decided to pack our bags and spend our September 24th and 25th at the top of the mountain. That’s a weekend, of course. We wanted to see how the sundown and sunup would look like from the top so we decided to start our trip at noon and rode a bus to Minglanilla, Cebu.

The Travel

Mt. Naupa is located in Naga City, Cebu. There is actually two (2) ways to travel there from Cebu City:

  1. Ride a jeepney (44A, 44B, or 44) from Basak or Punta, Labangon
  2. Ride a bus (KMK Bus at SM City Cebu or Ceres and other buses at South Bus Terminal)
    ->  From the two options above stop at Gaisano Minglanilla or at Tinong’s Bakery
    near the Mary Help of Christian School.
    -> Ride a Motorbike from there to Brgy. Cogon Chapel.
    -> From there start your trek to the top!

For us, we decided to take option 2. So we met at SM City Cebu at 12:30pm. Started our bus ride at 1pm and rode for an hour and a half because of the traffic in the city. Since we still grabbed some foods for dinner at Minglanilla, we started our motorbike ride to Cogon Chapel at 3pm. It was drizzling that time and the road was very slippery given that the road to the remote Barangay was not yet all cemented. There were also some pitstops along the way. We arrived at the Cogon Chapel at around 3:45pm. We started the trek to the top at 4pm.

Photo credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

I was not able to document our motorbike ride and our trek to the top so just enjoy our pose taken when we were still in the middle of our trek. We are not the mountaineer types of people, that is why, it took us almost an hour of hike to the top. We were struggling and our heavy breaths were deafening. Our body condition was probably the reason because majority of the blogs that I read says that it only took them 30 minutes to trek to the top.

After the long ascending and descending hike, finally. . . .

Photo credits: Carlo Jacalan

The Fun

We did not settle our tents on the summit because it was raining that time and the wind is strong. So we just stayed at the hill below. Tip; bring a tent. Humidity at the top is quite high, thus, I do not recommend sleeping outside or you will wake up stinky wet with humid.

Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

We camped the night. What’s in the place other than the spectacular view?

  • There is a very cute sari-sari store there at the back of the camping site. It sells snacks, drinks, biscuits, and other necessities.
  • There’s no Comfort Rooms, of course. Well there is one, at the house nearby. But they say their toilet bowl is usually stuck so you better be prepared to pee and poo in the wild. *laughs
  • No camp fire is allowed.
  • No undisciplined throwing of trashes everywhere. Oh please people, grow up!
  • It is very cold there. Don’t forget to bring your sweaters and the likes.

Unfortunately for us, there was no sunset when we went there because it was raining. So we just stayed in our tents, waiting for the rain to go away.

Dinner and some bonding or team time were well-spent outside our tents when the rain finally spared us. The rest of the night was spent watching the distant city lights cherishing the peacefulness and quietness of the freezing night. It was like a temporary escape from all the stress and pressure of work and school. Very good place to relax and unwind!


During the morning, the sun failed us again because of the rain and the constant covering of the clouds. At 7am the sun finally came and breakfast was spent at the top of the second highest peak in the area.

Photo credits: Carlo Jacalan

And hello guys! You are all so cute! *laughs


Packing. Packing. Packing.


At 8am, we decided to pack up and start our trek down to avoid the extreme heat of the sun when the later hours come. The trek back was no sweat! Thank you for the always downhill path. *laughs


Down. Down the hills.


That was how our memorable weekend ended.
My very first camping experience is definitely worth it. ❤

Detailed Itinerary and Summary of Expenses

Now, for those who are also a detailed planner like me, here’s your most awaited part!
Below is our detailed itinerary and summary of expenses. This is for a group of 11 people. “Actual Solo” column shows the individual expenses and the “Actual Group” column shows the expenses of the whole group. It might cost less or more for your trip depending on how many people would come.


Alright! I hope that will help you on your trip.
Some trip advices? Well . . .

  • Prepare your body before you go mountaineering. You don’t want to faint while trekking do you?
  • Bring the necessary gears: Tents, blankets, sweaters, etc.
  • Bring tissues, the wet and the dry ones. You’ll need them.
  • Travel light. I repeat, travel light.
  • Enjoy, relax, unwind.

Mountaineering has always been a very good way to explore and at the same time relax in a distant place far from all the pressures of the city. Give yourself a break from the office or from school and climb peaks. It is gonna be a very rewarding trip.

Thanks for reading!



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