Apo Island: Land of the Friendly Pawikans

Located at the Southern part of Negros Island, Apo Island continues to attract tourists because of its healthy and protected marine life. It is popularly known for its friendly Sea Turtles who accommodate people very congenially.

From Dumaguete City, we directly went to the Ceres Bus Liner terminal and rode a bus to Brgy. Malatapay. Bus fare is around Php 130, if I remember it correctly. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at the corner to the Ferry Station. Walk to the Ferry Station and book your trip to the island.


If I remember it correctly,  a boat with the capacity of  4 people is around Php 1500. And for 6 people, it is around Php 2500. But I have to warn you that this might not be the correct amounts so please just put a buffer and prepare around Php 5000 for the boats if you are a group of 10 to 15 people.

After travelling for a couple of minutes, we then arrived at the paradise!

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo

Upon arriving at the island, there was an entrance fee of course. I just forgot if that was already included in our boat fee or not. Thus, it is better for you to prepare for at least Php50 to Php150 for the entrance fee in case if it is not included in the boat fare.

Since it was still 9am when we arrived there, we had our breakfast. Some locals there accept orders like eggs, rice, and noodles for breakfast. So, we tried them. I had a Php50 breakfast of eggs and Pancit Canton.

During lunch, we had it cooked by the locals again. A person offered as Php200 per person and they would  cook our lunch for us. The lunch package offered included the following:

  • Sauce
  • Four huge grilled fishes
  • Some sweet fresh sliced mangoes
  • Two 1 liter cold Coca-cola Drinks
  • Sweet bananas
  • Two huge servings of Rice
  • Some chicken something I forgot the recipe name
  • And of course, utensils!

The Php200 was definitely worth it! We were all very full!

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo

After lunch, we then rented some gears, guides, and the likes because I don’t have any swimming gears except for my clothes. Again, amounts projected below are not accurate since I am not sure if I remember them correctly.

  • Snorkel – Php50
  • Guide (required 1 guide for 4 people) – Php300
  • Aqua Shoes – Php 150

After that, we of course, made to the waters right away!
We saw a lot of Sea Turtles because they usually swim very near from the shore.

Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

We of course didn’t miss to have a picture with it! Even though we look very awkward. laughs

Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

We also saw some Dories . . .


Some Nemos . . .


Some Starfishes!


Can you see now how rich and alive their marine life is? Amazing , right? It was such a privilege to witness. We were very happy to have made it there!

After hours and hours of burning our skin to the Sun and swimming with the turtles and fishes, we decided to leave. But before that, we made sure we would get a picture of Apo Island’s rock formations!


And here ends our Negros Island escapade.

Thank you very much for reading!


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