Casaroro Falls: The Enchanting and Challenging Pristine Falls in Valencia

Valencia is blessed with so many natural spots. Casaroro Falls is just a manifestation of how blessed Valencia is.

Since we only traveled on foot, I cannot say how much would be the fare to and from Casaroro Falls. I can only tell that from The Forest Camp to Casaroro Falls, it took us 2 to 3 hours on foot.

Upon arriving at the entrance, we paid a fee of Php10 (if I remember it correctly).

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo


After the entrance, we were down to the long whirling and twirling stairs.I forgot how many stairs there were. All I knew was that my feet and knees hurt so bad. Because of these challenging walks, don’t forget to bring water when you go there.

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo

The pilgrimage does not end there. Out of the frying pan we went and into the fire! The stairs sent us to a long time of rock hopping and more walking!

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo
Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan


After probably 30 minutes of rock hopping, finally . . . . Casaroro Falls. I was then open-mouthed. She was very beautiful and huge. Enchanting and creepy in its own ways. ❤

The whole sacrifice of going there was really worth it.

Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

I have met many falls in my life and I can be sure that Casaroro Falls is the first ever pristine falls that I ever loved. It may look small in that picture but in actuality, it would tower over you like a human towers over an ant. Pictures cannot capture its actual beauty.

Apart from its beauty, it is untouched and unspoiled.

Hours passed and we left it despairing because we cannot stay any more longer.
At least we had a glimpse of it even for just a short time.

Visit it now!

We were bound to Apo Island next! Read our Apo Island trip, too!
Thanks for reading!



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