The Forest Camp: Valencia’s Best Nature Resort

Take nothing, but pictures;
leave nothing, but footprints;
kill nothing but time.
-The Forest Camp

Valencia, a first class municipality of the newly-hailed Negros Province, is home to many wonders of nature. It can offer you pristine falls, rocky rivers, virgin forests, and relaxing hot springs. With that, during our Negros Trip, we listed Valencia as the first municipality to visit and we listed Valencia’s best nature park as our first stop.

Ten to fifteen minutes away from the Valencia town proper lies The Forest Camp Nature Park. True to its name, it is a unique and well-developed nature resort surrounded with trees, a river, rocks, bamboo rooms and function halls, natural pools, and many others.


From Dumaguete City, we rode a jeepney from the market. The jeepney ride was Php12 (if I remember it right). The jeepney will take you to the municipality of Valencia. From Valencia, ride a tricycle to the Forest Camp. If I remember it correctly, the tricycle ride was only Php15.

Finally . . .

Photo Credits: Charles Anthony Lerasan

Entrance fee was Php100 (again, if I remember it correctly haha).

We stayed there for hours because time spent in the Forest Camp is worth it because of how relaxing their facilities, food, and places are.

The following are what The Forest  Camp can offer you:

Little Falls and Huts

Upon entering the place, you will right then see their cute little falls settled in levels and nipa huts scattered around the resort.

Photo Credits: Zyra Bravo



Natural Pools

The place for their pools many be artificially made but the waters in their pools are natural! Cold and relaxing.




The Petite River

The best part for me is that admirable river inside the resort. This cute river has fishes that offers Foot Spa. Additional to that, the rock formations are very challenging!


Extra-curricular Activities

Aside from the natural beauties, this resort is also thinking about the extreme hobbies and interests their visitors might have. Therefore, they offer Wall Climbing, Trekking, Zipline, and the likes.

Wall Climbing

Fees for the facilities are in the picture.


Trekking, others
If time permitted us, we would’ve tried that. Unfortunately, our time was very limited and we can only swim and glide around the waters.


After hours and hours of swimming and getting cold, we decided to leave the park and proceeded to our next destination: The Casaroro Falls.

Thanks for reading!
Be sure to read about our next stop!


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