Looking Back: Make a Difference (MaD) Asia 2014 in Hong Kong

Being a student leader before, I was always very eager to join summits and conferences that would help shape up all the advocacy that I campaign for. Aside from that, summits and conferences that I join would always allow me to create a new network of intelligent and outstanding student leaders that in the long run would somehow become my good friends.

For the year 2014, I was able to become one of the representatives of the Philippines for Make a Difference (MaD) Asia 2014 in Hong Kong.


MaD Asia 2014 focused more on how the youth can apply technology for the creation of a better Asia. It was a very effective and strategic conference showcasing many activities that would require the delegates to run around and interact with each other. The best part is, many international delegates came from all over Asia and that’s where the fun starts.

The conference was for 3 days and below were the simultaneous activities done:

MaD Welcome Cocktail
I was not able to snap a photo of this event but I can gladly tell you that it was an awesome one! They had one (1) representative per country and I couldn’t believe that I was the one chosen to be the representative for the Philippines! The other representatives were amazing people and are very dedicated citizens of their own countries. It is good to have them as new friends!

MaD Youth Conference

Building for the People by HSIEH Ying-chun

Film Showing
I was not able to snap a photo of this activity. Sorry about that. The films presented were relevant to social issues. I watched one during the summit. The film was entitled Bananas!* It was a documentary about the abuse on the Banana Farmers in Latin America. It was a very intriguing and helpful documentary.

The organizers have also allowed the summiteers to visit some parts of Hong Kong. I was not able to go because the slots are limited and are always full when I register. My friends were able to go and they said it very memorable.

And that’s it!
The 3-day event concluded. It was a one-of-a-kind event. The activities were very comprehensive and helpful to the youth. Moreover, they provided sponsorships to the airfare of the attendees, allowing poor students like me to attend the event. Kudos to the organizers!

The story doesn’t end here. Let me show you around Hong Kong!
Disclaimer: I haven’t had enough time to go around because of the summit so please don’t expect much. 😉

The Subway Train Station and the Train Rides

The Food!

The 2-storey Buses

Tsim Sha Tsui

1794563_768289563200318_405145914_n (1)

The Avenue of Stars

Jet Li!


And yes, the day after, I returned to the Pearl of the Orient.
It was such a privilege to meet you Hong Kong! ❤


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