White Beach + Chill Camping + Affordable Weekend by the Sea = Badian’s Lambug Beach (Travel Guide and Expenses)

My experience during my beach camping at Lambug Beach, Badian. Read on!

There are three (3) popular beaches that will appear in your search when you Google “beach campsite in Cebu.” The first and by far the most popular one would be (1) Basdaku, Moalboal then (2) Tingko Beach, Alcoy and lastly (3) would be Lambug Beach, Badian.

My sister and I chose Lambug Beach! Reason is that, it is the least popular of all the three, therefore it means, lesser crowds! So, let’s start on what I really mean with “White Beach” + “Chill Camping” + “Affordable Weekend by the Sea” in the title of this article.

If you are planning to go to Lambug Beach in the future, be sure to read on!

White Beach

Badian is known to be gifted with white beaches. Even Badian’s public beaches are white beaches! Though it is not as amazing as the other white beaches of Cebu, this beach will make do if you want to go to a white beach but you do not have a big budget.

  • Pros
    •  It’s a legit white beach.
    • Shoreline is far from the sea. You can actually have a place to run around and play.
  • Cons
    • The sand are not that white. They look more like creamy white. Nonetheless, it’s still beautiful!
    • There are many, and I repeat, many algae in the water and on the shore. Like seriously guys, there is a lot. You can’t actually  ignore them when you take your photos and especially, you can’t ignore them when you step on the sea bed during swimming around the sea.
    • The water is absolutely not clear at all. Opposite to what many bloggers have written, you will not be able to see what you are standing on and everything underneath your feet and everything that you’ll step on the sea will be mud. It just didn’t work for me.


Chill Camping

For people there with hearts like mine, who loves listening to the waves as I sleep on the sand, this beach is where you are destined to go to! Wake up in the morning drinking tea while staring at the sea that is painted with the sun rise! Ugh! That feeling of serenity! ❤


  • Pros
    • It’s a public beach, y’all. Unlimited stay!
    • There are a lot of stores nearby. They have whatever commodities and amenities that you want.
    • Good chill place for group drinking and happy happy YOLO moments.
    • Cooking there is 100% fine!
    • There are 2 Volleyball nets you can enjoy with your friends.
  • Cons
    • It’s very noisy there. There are at least 4 karaoke places there and they will be singing all night, believe me. No peace and quite, guys. Seriously, none. If you are looking for a place with peace and quite, this is not the place for you.
    • Crowded. This might be lesser crowded than Basdaku and Tingko Beach but still, this place is still crowded. Well, that should be your expectation because this is a public beach. You can’t expect less.

Affordable Weekend by the Sea

This is where we talk about expenses and I’d love to tell you that a weekend at Lambug is absolutely affordable! Let me mention about the Pros and Cons first before I dive to our trip’s Summary of Expenses.

  • Pros
    • There is no entrance fee! Unlike Basdaku and Tingko Beach, this baby does not collect a penny.
    • Cottages: Php 600 ~ Php 800 (very big already)
    • Camping (pitching a tent) is for free! You hear that? It’s for free!
      I read a lot of blogs that says camping fee is Php 100. You guys, that’s not true.
    • You can cook or bring your own food so that you can save. No corkage you guys!
    • Transportation within Badian is affordable. See below for prices:
      • Jeepneys: Php 8 ~ Php 10 (depending on your destination normally until 5pm or 6pm only)
  • Cons
    • Motorcycles and Tricycles love to overprice as always. Remember the correct prices below and take note of the *tips below.
      • Motorcycles
        * As much as possible, avoid them. Here are ways on how to avoid them:

        1. Make sure to arrive at Badian before 6pm so that you can still ride jeepneys or tricycles.
        2. Just don’t listen to them. Don’t lend an ear.
        3. Normally, you won’t have a choice but to ride them if it is already after 6pm. Take note of the prices if you do ride them:
          • Php 50 (from Lungsod to Lambug Beach)
          • Php 50 ~ Php 75 (from Lambug Beach to Lungsod or other locations)
      • Tricycle drivers are selfish and greedy people
        * These selfish people are way out of bounds when it comes to greediness. Here are ways on how to win against them:

        1. Do not drop off from the bus at the Lungsod area. Make sure to drop off at Kandingan Restaurant and from there, ride a tricyle. Remember, this is only if you arrive before 5pm or 6pm. After that time, there will be no more tricycle at that area.
          • Fare: Php 25 ~ Php 30 depends on how good you are at winning over the tricycle driver.
        2. Make sure to arrive before 6pm so that, if you do drop off at the Lungsod area, you can still ride jeepney to Kandingan Restaurant then ride a tricycle from there.
        3. If they push you to “pakyaw” or pay for the full ride of the tricycle so that you can leave right away (this is their normal technique, that’s why I get annoyed), just say that you can wait for other passengers to arrive.
          • Fare (Pakyaw): Php 100 ~ Php 200
          • Fare (normal): Php 25 ~ Php 50
    • Shower: Php 25 ~ Php 30 per person (Expensive!)
    • CR: Php 10 ~ Php 20 (Expensive!)

Summary of Expenses

* Yes, we arrived at 10pm
Shower 60
* Food 20
* Miscellaneous 81
* This is because we went to Kawasan Falls after
Total 381

We only spent Php 381 for 2 people. But if you will not commit our mistakes above (those marked with * you will have the following expenses only:

* You will drop off from the bus before 5pm at Kandingan Restaurant and ride Tricycle from there to Lambug Beach (Php 25 each)
Shower 60
Tricycle to Kandingan Restaurant 50
Jeepney to Kawasan Falls (Php 10 each) 20
Total 180

Table above assumes that you packed your own food and you are not going to buy any other things because you already packed everything that you need. So, you will only spend Php 180 for 2 people, excluding the Bus Fares for your Beach Camping weekend.  Add or take Php 50 if there are unexpected things that might happen. That’s so affordable, right?

But if you’re going solo, your expenses will be lesser than you think! Going solo will just cost you at Php 90! Just half of the 2-people cost because fees are collected per individual. Amazing, right!



Will I recommend the place for you? Well, that depends on your priority. If you are there to just drink and go wasted by the beach, that’s the place for you. But if you are looking for a place to relax and swim, this is not a place for that. That’s because, no relaxation will happen. It is too noisy there. No enjoyable swimming will happen, as well, because there are a lot of algae around and the sea bed is full of mud. You won’t enjoy at all if that’s what’s you’re looking for.

With that, rating is ★★ only. I didn’t enjoy there at all.
I’m sorry guys. I think the beach is for people who wants to party, not relax at all and I am absolutely one of the latter.

You may want to read our full 1D1N trip to Badian! Check it out:
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Thank you guys for reading!
If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, make sure to enter them below!



5 thoughts on “White Beach + Chill Camping + Affordable Weekend by the Sea = Badian’s Lambug Beach (Travel Guide and Expenses)

    1. Hi Chrisjohn! Thanks for reading this and I’m happy you found it helpful. I haven’t seen people really bringing their cars down to the beachfront there and I also don’t know if it’s permitted. Judging from the location, I don’t think there’s a way to bring in a vehicle to the beach front. The entrance is kinda small.


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