1D1N in Badian for less than Php 600! (with Itinerary, Travel Guide, and Summary of Expenses)

Cebu is full of weekend getaway spots and Badian will absolutely appear at the top of your searches. Being one of the top tourist places in the Cebu province, Badian is known for its white sand beaches, pristine waterfalls, and diving spots. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay there for a full week or for just one day. Badian will not disappoint as long as you know where you’re going and what you’re doing!

One weekend, my sister and I were thinking to go camping at a white beach somewhere in Cebu that would not cost us much. I found Lambug Beach in Google very quickly and from there, we started to pack.

The Itinerary


  • 6:30PM ~ 10:30PM
    Traveled from Cebu City to Badian
  • 10:30PM ~ 11:00PM
    Travel, Arrival, Setup at Lambug Beach
  • 11:00PM ~ onwards
    Rest and Chill


  • 5:30AM ~ 6:30AM
    Sunrise Watching at Lambug Beach
  • 6:30AM ~ 8:30AM
    Leisure Time at Lambug Beach
  • 8:30AM ~ 9:30AM
    Waited for Tricycle at Lambug Beach
  • 9:30AM ~ 10:00AM
    Traveled to Kawasan Falls
    * Ate early lunch before starting to walk to Kawasan Falls
  • 10:00AM ~ 3:00PM
    Enjoyed at Kawasan Falls
  • 3:00PM ~ 3:15PM
    Traveled to Lungsod, Badian
  • 3:15PM ~ 4:00PM
    Waited for Librando Bus at the Town’s Square
  • 4:00PM ~ 8:00PM
    Back to Cebu City

How to Get There

  1. Ride a Bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Bus should have the sign “Bato via Barili.”
  2. Drop by Kandingan Restaurant when you arrive in Badian.
    * Do this if you arrived in Badian at daylight. Otherwise, do #3.
  3. Drop by Lungsod in Badian.
  4. If you did #2, you either walk to Lambug Beach (to save up!) or ride a Tricycle.
    * Don’t be fooled, fare is only Php 25 ~ Php 35 per person. Depends on how much you can haggle.
  5. If you did #3, ride a motorcyle from Lungsod to Lambug Beach.
    * Don’t be fooled, fare is only Php 50 per person.
  6. The travel directions for Kawasan Falls is in a separate blog, with its link below.


The Adventure

I am never a rush adventurer. Meaning, I always take and cherish my time whenever I go to places. That is why, even if Badian has a lot to offer, I only planned for us to go to 2 most popular tourist spots in Badian: Lambug Beach and Kawasan Falls.

Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach is a small public white sand beach in Badian. Read out our full Lambug Beach stay at White Beach + Chill Camping + Affordable Weekend by the Sea = Badian’s Lambug Beach (Travel Guide and Expenses).


Kawasan Falls

Nobody in Cebu province does not know about the most popular canyoneering spot in Cebu province, the Kawasan Falls. I’m sorry to tell you that we didn’t do canyoneering when we went there. It’s too mainstream! *laughs

Read out the full Kawasan Falls experience at A 5-hour Visit to the great Kawasan Falls (with Travel Guide and Expenses).


Walk around the Town!

The locals are nice, as well as the food! The town is small but looks very welcoming to tourists. We can walk around and cherish your visit in the beautiful town of Badian.

Expenses! Expenses! Money matters.

Below are the breakdown of our expenses for the trip. Below is how much we spent for our trip for 2 people:

Cebu-Badian Bus
* Regular: Php 116
* Discounted: Php 93
Lambug Beach 381
Kawasan Falls 551
Other foods 100
Badian-Cebu Bus 209
Total 1450

But we had a lot of mistakes during our trip! So, let me create another Summary of Expenses table for you and this does not have the mistakes that we committed during our trip:

Cebu-Badian Bus 209
Lambug Beach (Separate article for this) 180
Kawasan Falls (Separate article for this) 450
Badian-Cebu Bus 209
Total 1048

With a total of Php 1048, you can have a trip for 1D1N for 2 people! But if you are going solo, here’s another table for you:

Cebu-Badian Bus (Regular Rate) 116
Lambug Beach (Half of above) 90
Kawasan Falls (Separate article for this) 225
Badian-Cebu Bus (Regular Rate) 116
Total 547

Going solo will just cost you Php 547! Not bad for a 1D1N trip in a well-known tourist location and you will be able to visit 2 tourist destinations already.

The Travel Guide

We made a lot of mistakes during our trip that cost us a few penny, but amidst all that, we didn’t spend that much for our weekend getaway! That only shows that this is a very affordable trip.

Specific travel tips are written in the 2 articles shared above for Lambug Beach and Kawasan Falls. Kindly check them also, but here are some general tips as well if you happen to travel to Badian:

  • Many of the tourist attractions in Badian are just along the road. Make sure to not drop off Lungsod if your bus can drop you off the exact location or to the road near your location.
  • Unlike us, make sure to arrive in Badian before 6PM so that you can still ride jeepneys when going around the town. If you arrive later than that, you will be in the hands of the overpriced Motorcyle drivers. Avoid Motorcyles or Tricycles as much as possible. 
  • There are times when you need to ride Tricycles. Haggle with them with the correct prices and just tell them that you can wait for other passengers if they force you to do “pakyaw.”
  • Pack your own food. The perks of staying for only 1 day and 1 night is that, you can absolutely pack and bring your own for the whole duration of your stay there. You won’t spend a penny for overpriced foods.
  • Bring a tent! Home stays and cottages are very expensive. Don’t spend when you can bring your own accommodation!
  • Walk if you can walk to the location and learn to ask around! You don’t need a guide always! They will normally be overpriced. Plus, it’s an adventure!
  • Don’t ride Ceres Buses! They are expensive. 😉 There are many non-aircon buses that can give you a safe and cheaper ride. 😉


I am happy to have made this trip. Given the low cost and being able to visit 2 locations in one weekend, it is all worth it. No matter how crowded the places I visited were, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I got to see new and good places at a very low cost. With that, I’ll rate this trip with ★★!

Thank you all for reading!
If you have comments or suggestions, drop them down below!

D.M.P. and the sister


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