A 5-hour Visit to the great Kawasan Falls (with Travel Guide and Expenses)

If you are not going to do Canyoneering, the visit to Kawasan Falls will not be worth it.

In my 8 years of living in Cebu City, Kawasan Falls is one legend that I always hear about. I never went there in the past because Canyoneering is too mainstream! *laughs Last weekend, since my sister and I visited Badian to camp at Lambug Beach, it is hard to ignore the urge to at least take a peek of the legendary Kawasan Falls of Cebu.

Disclaimer: We didn’t do Canyoneering. We just visited the location. So if you are looking for Canyoneering articles for Kawasan Falls, this is not a place for you.

Was it beautiful?

The falls? Well, yes! It was stunning. Unfortunately, as stunning as it was, for me, its beauty still didn’t make it to my top favorite Waterfall. Casaroro Falls of Valencia Negros raised the bar quite high for me. Nonetheless, Kawasan Falls is still a breath-taking view.


In addition to its beauty, here are some positive things I can enumerate for this beautiful tourist spot:

  • The Waterfall is huge. It’s a goddess!
  • The place is very cold and very refreshing! Good for the soul. ❤
  • The water is deep and blue. Jump and swim all you want!
  • Full security and safety measures are being implemented by the management there.
  • Both canyoneering and swimming is doable there. Your aqua dreams will come true there!
  • No corkage you guys! You can absolutely save by bringing your foods.
  • The walk to the location proper is very fun!
  • Good for Family Outings or Sunday Outings of the barkada!
  • Very afforadable! Check Money Matters section below.

Any don’t-likes?


Yes, I have a couple and let me enumerate all of them to you one by one:

  • It was very crowded. Like, it was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry crowded. I cannot emphasize it more! You can’t swim comfortably or enjoy the scenic view to the fullest because of how crowded the place is. *shakes head
  • You should go canyoneering. Just swimming around the falls proper is not that enjoyable and fun, especially that there are a lot of people. Go canyoneering if ever you decide to go to Kawasan Falls. That’s more worth it. That’s if you are not with your family members who can’t go to canyoneering.

Money Matters!

You must’ve read above that this is a very affordable trip. Well, that’s true, if you are not going to go canyoneering. If you just want an afternoon waterfall swimming activity and you are near the place, this is the location to be. For me and my sister, since we only needed to take a quick dip, spending it here is a perfect decision.

Here are some prices of services, items, and amenities that I would like to highlight:

  • Transportation
    This is what I love about Badian. There’s a lot of transportation options you can choose from!

    • Bus
      For buses from Cebu City to Bato via Barili, it can directly drop you to the corner of the road to Kawasan Falls. Make sure to ask the Conductor or the driver to drop you off that point if you don’t know the place well.
      Fare: Php 120 ~ Php 130 (for non-aircon buses)
    • Jeepney
      If you dropped off at the Lungsod instead of the Kawasan jumpoff point, this is the best transpo you should ride.
      Fare: Php 10 (to and from Lungsod)
    • Tricycle (uh-uh)
      Fare: Php 50 ~ Php 75 (depends on how much you can haggle)
    • Motorcycle (these are very overpriced rides)
      Fare: Php 150 ~ Php 200 (depends on how much you can haggle)
  • Food
    • I suggest that you pack your foods and bring’em there or eat before going there. Foods there are very expensive you guys. Don’t bother!
    • There are actually stores or karenderyas that you can pass by your walk to the Kawasan Falls. These stores are still very cheap! That’s where we ate:
      • Siomai: Php 9 per piece
      • Hanging Rice: Php 6 per piece
      • Water: Php 30 per 1 liter bottle
  • Fees and Amenities
    • Here you go guys. Yes, you’re welcome!
    • Tables: Php 300 ~ Php 500
      That’s already unlimited use for the whole day.
    • Lockers: Php 150 ~ Php 200
      That’s if you are only bringing small bags or few items and you don’t want to rent a table.
    • Shower: Php 20 per person
    • CR: Php Php 5 ~ Php 10

Alright, so here’s the most important part for Planners like me. The Summary of Expenses for 2 people:

Food&Water 101
Entrance Fee 90
Table 300
Shower 40
Jeepney 20
Total 551

If you are just going to be there for 3-5 hours and you don’t have that much luggage, don’t spend for a table. It wouldn’t have much use. Just put your things somewhere out of sight. Stealing is actually not popular in the place.

It is very affordable, right? If you remove the Table and Food&Water expenses, you can absolutely enjoy swimming at Kawasan Falls for only Php 150 at the very least but if you’ll really need a table, it’s gonna be Php 450. And these amounts are already for 2 people. Still cheap, right?

But if you’re going solo, your expenses will be lesser than you think!

Entrance Fee 45
Locker 150
Shower 20
Jeepney 10
Total 225

Going solo will just cost you at Php 225! Amazing, right!


I will rate this experience as  ! The crowd is just too overwhelming guys. You can’t swim properly because of the number of people around and you can’t get a decent picture. I suggest that you go there during the weekdays or during off-season. You might enjoy the place more.

So, overall tip is that, best Kawasan experience would be doing canyoneering there unless you want to spend time swimming with your family.

That’s a wrap!
Thank you very much for reading!
If you have comments or suggestions, don’t forget to drop them below!



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