Top Cherry Blossoms Spots in Nagoya

When we say Japan and Cherry Blossoms, Nagoya City do not usually appear on people’s radar. Even after living in this peaceful city for half a year, I only really knew that this city has great Cherry Blossoms view when I started seeing them daily around the city. Nagoya City actually has some great Cherry Blossoms views!

So without further adieu, here are my top spot picks for Cherry Blossom viewing in Nagoya City:

1. Nagoya Castle (名古屋城)

For me, this spot is the best spot if you want some great Instagram photos. Aside from the countless Cherry Blossom trees around, you also have this tall beautiful castle at the background.


I also especially love the all the snacks that we can find near the castle! Not to mention that they are all at affordable prices. My favorites?

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream

As cute as it looks, it’s taste is heaven, too! Eating this is a must when you go to Japan in Spring. This seasonal ice cream flavor is only for ¥300.


Taiyaki — The famous Fish-shaped Cake

This Fish-shaped cake near Nagoya Castle has 2 flavors; Red Beans and the other is, oh sorry, I forgot. Or maybe that was cream. Ugh, I really forgot. I always buy the bean-flavored, that’s why. This famous Japan snack is only for ¥150. Cheap, right?


In my blog about Osaka Castle, I also said that I like Nagoya Castle better. The main reason for that is because, Nagoya Castle has better displays and ambiance inside the castle itself compared to the Osaka Castle. The trip inside the Osaka Castle is just not worth the price.

In conclusion, Nagoya Castle has the overall package and it deserves a spot in your Cherry Blossom hunting itinerary for Spring.

2. Tsurumai Park (鶴舞公園)

As much as I love Tsurumai Park in the morning, I love it more at night if we are talking about Cherry Blossom viewing. Why? Because under their countless Cherry Blossom trees, they light them up with pink illumination. Look at it!


Such beauty isn’t it? This ambiance is perfect for an evening picnic. There are also many Food Stalls around the area. Perfect for Date Nights as well! It’s just sad that there are too many people, but it’s also hard to keep people away from this beautiful display, right? So, just blend in!

3. In an intersection in Nakata


This is one of my favorite places during Spring. I pass by this beauty everyday when I go to work! Aside from the great community here, during Spring, this whole street is covered by Cherry Blossom flowers. It is really perfect for flower viewing (花見). I love biking around this area everytime I get the chance.

This is not that of a famous place compared to Nagoya Castle and Tsurumai Park when it comes to Cherry Blossom viewing, but this hidden gem is really beautiful. Since it is hard to find, I posted a map below just for you:

And those are my most favorite Cherry Blossom viewing spots in Nagoya. I hope you don’t forget to include these beautiful places as you chase some Cherry Blossoms during your dream Spring Vacation in Japan.

Thank you for reading!




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