The Sustainable Lifestyle Journey: My Hows and Whys

I’m not an expert or a person of high position. I am basically just a nobody who is trying to live a Sustainable Lifetsyle. A Sustainable Lifestyle, for me, is just meeting your basic needs without harming the environment in order to make essential resources available to sustain future generations. This article is about why and how I live a Sustainable Lifestyle, with more emphasis on the WHYs, because I think, it would easier for a person to distinguish the HOWs when the WHYs are put to heart.

I think many of us already know that humans are now facing the greatest threat to our kind, which is the Ecological Breakdown. But despite it all, we can only see very few actions being done. I can think of a number of reasons why, but I would like to assume that we are just not fully aware of what we are up against. I am hoping to at least shed some light on our current situation by anchoring this article on the 2 major factors of the Ecological Breakdown; (1) our Wastes and the (2) Climate Crisis, and on how, as an individual, I try to at least contribute on fighting them.

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Chasing the Sunrise at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

It was the day before our Bantayan Island trip that I was panicking to find another hotel for us to stay into because from a 1D1N plan, we abruptly decided to extend the trip with another day and night. I think it was a blessing in disguise when all the other hotels were full because if it was not for that, I wouldn’t find this gem, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.

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La Playa Estrella: Great Food and Beach Lights at Night, but it’s Not Much

If you’re looking for a night party, this is the place for you. But if you are looking for a place to relax with nature, you better go to Amihan Beach Cabanas or Bantayan Island Nature Park.

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