La Playa Estrella: Great Food and Beach Lights at Night, but it’s Not Much

If you’re looking for a night party, this is the place for you. But if you are looking for a place to relax with nature, you better go to Amihan Beach Cabanas or Bantayan Island Nature Park.

I have to be honest, La Playa Estrella was our last option because there were no longer available rooms in other resorts, when I tried to book days before our trip. That being said, I suggest, book your desired resort at least a month before you trip!

The Beach

If there’s one thing I love about La Playa, it is the fact that it is not crowded, so you get to enjoy their white sand beach in solemnity. The sea is also quite far in La Playa and because of that, you usually need to go far to be able to dip yourself in a deep sea water.

Their beachfront was quite nice and peaceful, but I have to say that I was shocked when we got there. The resort is quite small. There is not much place to see. With that being said, La Playa is not a place for you if you want to go nature-hopping.


If you want to soak in the Sun and the Sea View, La Playa can give you that. If you also would like to drink while soaking in the Sun and Sea view, La Playa also has a cute snack and drinks bar near the beach front.



Their Beach Lights

La Playa’s night lights are a major “yes” factor to me. The lights were indeed aesthetically pleasing in the eyes. I wanted to take a closer look and a closer picture of those night lights at the beach front but I was too shy so, I just settled with that distance. Even from there, the lights were pretty, right?


Their Food

Of course, a resort’s food is important. You don’t want to stay somewhere that’s not good for the stomach, right? We spent P 1, 000.00 less, but we were already so full. I even think we ordered too much but because their food was delicious, we finished them all.


The Stay

We booked our room at Agoda since it provided the cheapest price for it that time. We were able to book the last available room, which is their Premier Room Twin Bed for Php 2, 360.00 (tax and fees included.)  I am not sure if room rate would go down if you book a month before, but usually if you book it from apps like Agoda, it would.

The room and bed was fine but I really got concerned because they didn’t have that room slippers and their TV was not working. They also do not have those convenient cabinets for you to hang your clothes. For me, the room did not scale up to my needs and expectations. To think, the price was quite expensive.


The Expenses

As a couple, our one night and a half day stay in La Playa Estrella cost us an overall expenses of Php 3, 190.00 for the following:

  • Room: Php 2, 360.00
  • Brunch: Php 800.00
  • Tricycle to La Playa: Php 30.00 ( P15 pesos per person )

That would be expensive if you only plan to stay in La Playa during your whole stay in Bantayan Island. For you to make the most of your trip and of your expenses, you need to explore the rest of Bantayan Island. You can check out our 2D2N Bantayan Island Couple Getaway for your guidance (that will be up soon!).

Enjoy Bantayan Island,  the Jewel of Cebu in the North!
Thanks for reading!





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