Chasing the Sunrise at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

It was the day before our Bantayan Island trip that I was panicking to find another hotel for us to stay into because from a 1D1N plan, we abruptly decided to extend the trip with another day and night. I think it was a blessing in disguise when all the other hotels were full because if it was not for that, I wouldn’t find this gem, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is quite far from the municipality proper of Sta. Fe. Maybe it is a 15-minute motorbike from the resort itself to Sta. Fe and vice versa. So, if you are not planning to rent a motorbike for your whole stay in the island, I suggest you do not book and stay in the resort. I would suggest accommodations like La Playa Estrella or Amihan Beach Cabanas, which are near the port, so that you no longer have to travel far.

Night Party at the Pool

Yes, we spent our night at Bantayan Island Nature Park, and 1 reason that I chose this paradise is because of their infinity pool. My plan really was to do night swimming after our beach swimming at Amihan Beach Cabanas and La Playa Estrella the whole day. I am so happy that this resort gave us everything that we needed to have a chill small pool party under the starry Bantayan sky.

There is no other way of spending your night with your partner other than bringing a speaker by the pool, playing your favorite songs as he playfully swims in the water, and you eating your favorite Sisig.

To add to this section, THEIR FOOD IS GREAT! Their Sisig is one of my favorite Sisig by far.

The Stay

I found their Bungalow at the Agoda app and booked it for Php 2, 687.00. I know that it is quite expensive, but the room was spacious and has a complete package. Everything that you need, from soaps to beds, is there. Judging from the size of their Bungalows, it can fit one whole family there.

Below is a photo of another Bungalow in the resort, not our accommodation, but it is more or less of the same size and form. It has the same huge transparent window, terrace, and nipa roof.

Photo not mine

The Amenities

What I love about the resort really is how huge it is, and the countless amenities it offers. My favorite amenities are the Fish Spa (image below), the Infinity Pool, the restaurant, the Sto. Nino cave, and the mini-zoo. A day is not enough to really immerse in how amazing this place is.

Photo not mine

Find out more about their amenities at their Facebook page. You may contact them from there as well.

The Mesmerizing Sunrise

The main reason why I chose Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is because I wanted to witness how amazing the sunrise in that view is. IT WAS INDEED A SIGHT.


The huge sun peeking from the horizon is the best sight. Plus, the cold pool water in the morning breeze will definitely wake you up. A morning swim while watching the sunrise is indeed a must-do in Bantayan Island Nature Park.

The Expenses

Since our accommodation fee already included breakfast, we no longer needed to spend for breakfast. Also, we rented a motorcycle for the whole Bantayan trip so we no longer spent money for transportation to and from the park. Overall, we spent Php 3, 287.00 for Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.

  • Room: Php 2, 687.00 (Breakfast Included)
  • Dinner and Night Pool Party Expenses: Php 600.00

I would just like to reiterate that, for this Bantayan trip, my priority was comfort and not the cost unlike my usual trips. With that being said, please don’t be shocked with this trip’s cost.

Enjoy Bantayan Island, the Jewel of Cebu in the North!
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