Review: My 2nd Most Favorite CDrama is Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love)

It was around March 2019 when first I saw Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) in Netflix. I was really reluctant to watch it that time because of 2 reasons. First, I just watched a great CDrama starring Yang Mi, entitled Legend of Fuyao (LoF) last year, and I loved it very much that I couldn’t bear seeing her with another leading man yet. Second, when I peeked in the first 2 episodes of the series, I was not impressed. It was just one random night in September that, I finally gave it a chance, and I am so glad that I did!

Warning: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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To cut this review short, I won’t be adding the Synopsis of the drama here. If you want the overview of this Chinese Drama, you may read it here. For now, I am going directly to my . . . .


Episode Reactions

Episode 1-10

  • These episodes where the most dragging parts of the drama.
  • To all the Mo Yuan-Si Yin couple shippers out there, I’m sorry. They don’t send those stomach butterflies to me. That time, I shipped the Li Jing-Si Yin couple instead. Li Jing is just very attractive and his voice. Oh my gosh his voice.
  • I had some cringey moments when the 3 Heaven Princes came to the battlefield during the war with the Ghost Tribe. They all stood there like props. I mean, they’re Princes after all, but they didn’t have much lines and they looked so stiff and awkward at the sides.

Episodes 11-27

  • Clap clap to Su Jin and Xuan Nu for making it to my top bitches list. These girls really know how to raise my eyebrows.
  • I was shocked when Ye Hua and Su Su fell in love very quickly, then got married very quickly s well. The pace was kinda rushed for me.
  • My heart ached for Su Su a lot, but I really love her plot.
  • I kind of hated how Ye Hua lacks a lot of Communication Skills in this part, but that’s just how Ye Hua is unfortunately. He’s a man of few words. So . . .

Episodes 28-40

  • The scene where Bai Qian and Ye Hua finally unites under the Peach Blossoms was just epic. I literally replayed that scene 3 times. Can’t get over it.
  • Can we spazz on how adorable A-Li is? Can I have a son like A-Li? Pretty please? And that child actor is absolutely brilliant! Also, Ye Hua should have the Best Dad Ever Award!
  • The whole family is complete again. Favorite part is how A-li and Ye Hua team up to capture Bai Qian’s heart again. Such a very lovable family. Can’t get enough of those 3.
  • The Dong Hua Dijun-Bai Fenjiu love story is just not working for me. I just don’t feel anything for their pair at all. Plus, they took a lot of screen time. It infuriating. Even though the 2 of them are eye-candies, they just don’t have that chemistry for me.

Episodes 41-58

  • I loved seeing how anxious Ye Hua was about Mo Yuan. He was anxious, yes, but he was also willing to set Bai Qian free if she really chooses Mo Yuan. I’m so into selfless love.
  • I was literally shocked upon knowing that Ye Hua and Mo Yuan were twins. The plot of these two men is brilliant, especially that Mo Yuan ended up broken-hearted. Not all amazing guys end up happy, mind you!
  • Bai Qian’s revenge to Su Jin and Su Jin’s overall downfall was very satisfying!
  • Li Jing died in vain. That was a huge emotional blow for me, but I also think that was the best closure for Li Jing; him still passionately in love with Si Yin and sacrificing for the safety of the world.
  • I feel like the most anticipated “huge threat”, which was Qing Cang breaking out from the Dong Huang Bell, turned out to be not much of a threat at all. Because of the build-up from the previous episodes, I expected a huge war. But, turned out it was just a short small fight.
  • The very moment Ye Hua died, I knew he’s going to return. Of course he did, but you know what I love about this drama? They really made me feel like they can kill the main character. I was so worried about Ye Hua. I was really close to believing that they really killed him. Good thing they didn’t, or else, I’d be broken-hearted for a couple of months. Wew!
  • I really wish the Series ended with Ye Hua and Bai Qian finally getting married in a grand wedding. After all, their wedding in Heaven is 300 years long overdue. I was really complaining after the last episode, but then I read somewhere online that their wedding is in the 2nd book, so the Series production doesn’t have the legal right to add it in the drama. Oh well.

Things that I loved

The Leads’ acting is impressive.

Both Yang Mi and Mark Chao portrayed 4 characters in this drama. For Yang Mi, she portrayed (1) Kunlun’s michievous 17th disciple named Si Yin, (2) the classy, sassy, and forthright High Goddess Bai Qian of Qing Qiu, (3) the weak and innocent mortal Su Su, and lastly, (4) the puppet version of Su Su. Mark Chao, on the other hand, portrayed (1) the Lotus Spirit Jin Lian, (2) Kunlun’s Master and the God of War Mo Yuan, (3) Heaven’s Crown Prince Ye Hua, and (4) the mortal Zhao Ge. With all that numerous roles and very close personality differences, Yang Mi and Mark Chao didn’t fail to deliver. You can absolutely tell which character is which! Plus, all the emotions conveyed by these two feel very geniune everytime. Some special mentions: (1) When Bai Qian was all blank, staring at the river, right after Ye Hua sacrificed his spirit to the Dong Huang Bell. Yang Mi’s acting was just on point! No heavy shouting and crying. Just an expressionless face, and numbness. Also, (2) as to how real Mark Chao made me feel whenever he lusted over Bai Qian, or when a suicidal Ye Hua was devastated after the Soul Gathering Lamp’s light was put out. All those countless moments when their characters felt genuinely human. Kudos to the actors and the Director!

Ye Hua, the Character

Majority of the lead male roles in CDramas are usually projected in a way that would melt female viewer’s hearts. But, Ye Hua is way more than that:

  • There was not a single fan serving scene for Ye Hua. You won’t see Ye Hua acting all cute and cheeky. Nope.
  • He is not a perfect character. Yes, he is smart, good-looking, highly-skilled in combat and a Crown Prince, but he is also insecure, cold, he commits lots of mistakes, sometimes unsure, and he had a tragic childhood. At the back of that great Crown Prince is a broken fragile human being, and I love it very much.
  • Ye Hua is such a great parent. I really look up to him when it comes to taking care of A Li. The whole time, I was silently wishing that I’d be the same kind of parent as he is, so that my kid grows as mature, responsible, and adorable as A Li. Ye Hua was never tired of being a very hands-on father and mother to A Li. Girls, we should get a husband like him!

It’s not all happy stuff

True-to-life misfortunes were accommodated in the storyline. Such as the ill-fated love stories of Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu, of Zi Lan and Yan Zhi, and the heartbreak and sacrifices of Li Jing and Mo Yuan. I always love it when a show depicts real life.

Mi Gu and Fire Qilin

Mi Gu should receive the Best House Guardian Award, while Fire Qilin should grab the Best Mount Award. I totally approve the existence of these characters!


  • The low quality CGI
    Though I still haven’t seen any CDrama with a good CGI quality, I still need to mention this. They probably did their best, but it’s just not there yet, and it’s kinda distracting. Especially that majority of this drama’s background is graphically edited, it really disturbed me when the characters stand at front of the bakground and their body outline is kind of distorted due to the poor quality CGI.
  • Unnecessary and dragging Scenes
    There were many scenes and plots that are totally unnecessary. For me, at least. They kind of dragged down the progress of the storyline. And I can still remember that I kept wanting to skip the scenes with them, but your girl is not that kinda viewer so I always needed to wait. And it felt sooooo longggg.
  • Confusing Plots
    There were some plots that didn’t make sense. For example, didn’t Su Su and Shao Xin became pregnant at the same time with their first-borns? Then, why is Yuan Zhen already a teenager, but A Li is still a kid?

Overall Rating: 4.3 Stars

It was an awesome Series. Ye Hua and Bai Qian now ranks 1st in my “Best CDrama Couple” list, while the whole show ranks 2nd in my “Best CDrama” ranking. Legend of Fuyao is still number 1 for me. It isn’t the #1 because of those shortcomings mentioned above and because it didn’t give me months of hangover as to what happened to me after Legend of Fuyao. Would I recommend this Drama? YES OF COURSE!

Thank you,