The 1.5D2N Bantayan Island Life

This blog is 1 year overdue now, but I am writing it anyways.

When I went home to the Philippines last December 2018, my man and I decided to spend a weekend in the paradise that is Bantayan Island. By far, it is the best and most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had. Why? Read more to find out!

The La Playa Estrella Experience

La Playa was our trip’s first stop. What is in La Playa? Pretty night lights? YES. Peaceful beach front? YES. Night parties? YES. Beach snack bar and good food? YES. White sand and uncrowded beach? YES.

Basically, we stayed in La Playa on our first night in Bantayan, because we arrived on a Friday night. We stayed there until Saturday morning.

All I can say is that, this resort is perfect for people who would like to avoid the heavy crowd. It’s peaceful there. We enjoyed our morning and our delicious brunch in La Playa! *thumbs up*

Read the details of our stay and my full review of La Playa Estrella here in my separate article: La Playa Estrella: Great Food and Beach Lights at Night, but it’s not much.


An Afternoon in Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden

We ate our brunch in La Playa, and after that, we packed our backpacks (travel light!) and drove our rented motorcycle to the famed Camp Sawi. Haha!

Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden charges for an entrance fee of Php 20 – Php 30, I am not quite sure how much anymore because I no longer remember.

This Mangrove Garden is very beautiful, with the ocean view at the back part of it. It offers a lot of picturesque views, a Seafood restaurant, and many Nipa huts for relaxation stops.

My boyfriend and I stayed for 3 hours there, reveling on the view while sitting on one of the Nipa huts.

Had some Snacks at Amihan Beach Cabanas

After visiting the Mangrove Garden, we got hungry so we hurried to our next destination to first, eat some snacks. Second, to make a quick dip in the sea. Third, to just unwind with the Sea Breeze.

It was most unfortunate for us that we were not able to book a room in Amihan Beach Cabanas. While I was still planning this trip, I saw Amihan and I fell in love with it, but it was already full during our trip dates. So, I just settled for La Playa. But really, I loooooove this place.

They have beautiful huts in their beach, where people can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Bantayan ocean. It would’ve been great to wakeup to this view.


The Heaven that is Bantayan Island Resort

After Amihan, we drove to our hotel for the night, and that is the Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort. Our stay in this well-rounded resort is my absolute favorite part of our Bantayan trip. This place is just HEAVEN! They have everything!

One thing I love about the Island Resort is that they have a pool. I’ve always wanted to have a Pool Party with my boyfriend, and my plan became a reality in this place. It was fun to have food and drinks by the pool, listening to music, while watching my man enjoy the water.

My first reason for choosing this location is because I wanted to see the Sunrise here, and I am very happy that it absolutely didn’t disappoint. All love for this breathtaking Sunrise view.

Bantayan Island Resort still has a lot to offer. They have a restaurant, a Cave Pool, a Fish Spa, a small Zoo, and a many more. You can check out the details of our trip and my full review of this place here in my separate article: Chasing the Sunrise at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort.

We had our breakfast by the pool, and after that, we hurried to check out from the resort at 8:30am. We then drove back to Sta. Fe proper to . . . . . . .

Picked up some Souvenirs!

My man and I decided to get some remembrance of this trip so we decided to buy 2 sleeveless “Sta. Fe, Bantayan” shirts at the Sta. Fe marketplace. I also bought a native bag there, which I currently use as an office bag. I don’t have pictures of those souvenirs, but trust me, they’re high quality and are very pretty.

That’s a wrap!

I absolutely think that Bantayan is a great getaway location, especially for couples like us. They have a lot to offer; great food, great places, great resorts, and many more. Plus, just like all the other Cebu tourist spots, Bantayan is affordable as well. I strongly suggest that you include Bantayan for your Monthsary or Anniversary getaways.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy your Bantayan trip!

All love,

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