Wrapping up Sustainability Hero’s 2019 with a grateful and hopeful Heart

I introduced the newest hero in town last May of this year, 2019. Sustainability Hero (SH) is, as of the moment, 7 months old. I can’t believe how this small initiative turned out to be more than just an eco-store to me. I’ve grown a lot after I founded both Sustainability Hero and Open Letters for the Environment. This advocacy for the Environment has given me huge opportunities to self-actualize, to listen and learn from people, to innovate, and most importantly, to push for radical changes. My heart is full.

As I wrap up SH’s 2019, I would like to open a page of my book to share a piece of this journey with you.

It took 6 Months to brew

To be honest, the idea of having an eco-store was a product of my sudden burst of anger; anger from being caged by a system that chooses money over Sustainability. Anger from a system that is founded by Capitalism, and takes advantage of Consumerism. The system that is bringing us all now in the brink of extinction. At some point, it terrified me. Starting something out of Anger is absolutely a terrible idea, that is why, I am grateful to have had a change of heart.

I started working on the project last December 2018. As I explored for sustainable alternatives, I met many people that are as passionate as I am in this advocacy. I sealed some partnerships with businesses that are also paving ways to make sustainable alternatives accessible to people. I’ve learned about how localization can help, and I am excited to showcase products that are from my dear Philippines. In that 6 months, from Anger, my heart was filled with Hope.

A shoutout to The Bamboo Company, for being SH’s very first partner. This company is one of the founders of the Bamboo movement in the Philippines, and through them, SH is now privileged to be in this movement as well. Next to EcoNest, for not only partnering with SH, but also for inspiring me to not just sell solutions, but also to create solutions myself. And lastly to Period in Style, for not only literally saving me through my period days, but most importantly, for using their creativity and skills in creating pure Filipino sustainable products. They are such inspirations, and we can’t thank them enough for supporting us from scratch. Hats off!

Then Sustainability Hero was born

Come May 2019, the Hero was ready to fly with its green cape. The products were already in Cebu City, Philippines. My team in Cebu is ready to start their service. And lastly, the CEO, who is in Japan, has already shot her photo for the PR, and is ready to manage the team remotely. 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . FLY!

The 20th of May will remain as a history to us forever. It was the day when we told the world that we stand bravely on the side that matters; the Environment.

As of writing, we are now 404 strong in Facebook, 98 in Instagram, and 30 in Twitter. A business that is 80% operated remotely requires a lot of support online. With that, one huge bow to all those who are supporting and following us on our Social Media pages!

We are grateful for the huge support that we got after the launching; for the successful Launching Promo, for the sold out Menstrual Pads, to the open-minded people who are open to creating small or big changes in their lives to accommodate sustainability. Thank you always!

The Hurdles along the Way

SH might be very young, but this Hero has faced a couple of challenges in its 7 months of operation.

The Remote Operations

First would be its remote CEO, me! I am currently living in Japan, while my teams are in Cebu and Leyte. We have taken advantage of the Internet to keep this project going, but it’s been really tough to keep things moving, such as meetups for orders, stock replenishments, and many more. Nonetheless, we are strong and we are pushing through.

The Finances

The only source of SH’s capital is my personal income. It has been difficult to expand the project recently because, as the Breadwinner of my family, I am always faced with the choice of Family or Advocacy. But if a person is passionate at something, we always find ways to push through despite the odds. There’s one thing that I am absolutely positive about myself, and that is, I want this movement of taking care of the Environment to not just be a trend. I want it to be a lifestyle of many. That is the main reason why SH will always push through.

Our Impact

Allow us to look back, and remind ourselves why we have to keep going. Allow us to be inspired and be motivated by the fact that, despite being a young business, we are creating positive waves of change. Allow us to feel grateful that our impacts, despite being small, matters.

At least 19 Sustainability Heroes Enabled

Sustainability Hero, as a company, is only one hero. We are just an instrument to create ripples. The heroes that really matter are the people who chose to do small or big changes in their lives, in order to promote radical changes in the society, those who bravely stand with Nature and the People. These people are just waiting for the opportunity to act on their stands and belief, and Sustainability Hero’s role is to hand them that opportunity.

We aim to enable Sustainability Heroes in the community. We are very happy to say that we were able to enable at least 19 heroes to date. We hope that these people become heroes in their own ways and influence others to become sustainability heroes as well. We salute, and may you continue paving the way!

At least 345 Plastic Wastes Repelled

The Plastic Pollution has become a huge global issue. It is one of the major causes of the 6th Mass Extinction. We, at SH, understands the importance of stopping the ballooning plastic wastes. With that, majority of the products that we sell are products that will help consumers to not just avoid Plastic wastes, but also to promote reusable products.

We are thrilled that in our 7-month operation, we were able to keep out at least 345 plastic wastes from our oceans and soils. High five!

6 CO2-free Product Deliveries

Sustainability Hero gives a lot of importance to lessening our Carbon Footprint. How? With these 2 ways: (1) When it comes to product supplies, we do our best to choose suppliers with products that are ethically-sourced, sustainably packaged, and those that does not require long transport. (2) When it comes to our product deliveries, we do not do Courier Deliveries, because there are no eco-transports in the Philippines. We only do meetups in close-by areas, and we also have our Physical Store in Hilongos, Leyte.

In all of our transactions, we are happy to say that we were able to at least achieve 6 CO2-free product deliveries. We always plan ahead when it comes to product deliveries. All of these 6 transactions did not require us travel to meetup places by gas-fueled vehicles. Many of these meetups were chance-encounters at LCGP General Merchandise in Hilongos or meetups by walking.

We are hoping that through all of these efforts, we contribute in the conservation of our world’s Carbon Budget.

Moving forward . . .

Deciding to move forward with Sustainability Hero each and everyday, is like deciding to continuously fight for a greener future. With that, we know what to choose everyday. We always choose to fight for a future, where there are still fishes in our oceans. Where forests are still countless and the trees are healthy and green.

Moving forward to 2020, we decided to make these changes:

1. Our Operations will ONLY be Hilongos, Leyte

As much as we would like to keep our Cebu branch and continue helping Cebuano heroes to attain a sustainable lifestyle, we cannot keep up with the demand because our team in Cebu are composed of students. With that, moving forward, kindly reach us and find us in this address:

LCGP General Merchandise
R.V. Fulache Street, Hilongos, Leyte
Email Address: lcgp.gen.merchandise@gmail.com
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ALktyne1kHhvXTKz8

2. We’re going on Tour!

We are planning to go on tour this 2020, bringing with us new products. We will be announcing our Tour stops very soon and please keep posted!

Our 2019 is now wrapped

I am wrapping our 2019 with a grateful and a hopeful heart. My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who have been with us all the way, supporting and joining us in the fight for a future that we all deserve. Let’s keep going. Let’s all become a sustainability hero!

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