26 and freer!

Life gets lonelier as we get older. That’s what I realized the past year. There are too many things that hold us back; finances, responsibilities, worries, stereotypes, fear of failure, rules, expectations, societal standards, jobs, and more. Amidst all this, I hope we don’t hesitate to give ourselves more freedom to really live.

On my 25th year, I’ve learned to set myself free. I’ve learned to loosen up and do whatever I wanted to do, so long as I am not hurting anybody.

• I added 6 ear piercings.
• I allowed myself to get tired and angry.
• I wore Bikini for the first time.
• I’ve learned to say ‘no’ to toxic people and responsibilities, even when they are family.
• Sometimes, I power-dressed, sometimes I didn’t.
• I started a campaign called Open Letters for the Environment.
• I allowed myself money for international travels for the first time.
• I told people I love and miss them.
• I voiced out my opinions.
• I took Selfies.
• I smiled more.
• I wanted to write a book, so I started writing one.
• I wanted to do song covers, so I did.
• I’ve let people go.
• I’ve learned to appreciate the simplest things.
• Not a writer, but I revived my 5-year-old blog.
• I slammed people who called me fat or ugly.
• I started to spend for myself without feeling guilty.
• I built 2 small companies (Sustainability Hero and LCGP General Merchandise) despite people telling me that they’ll fail.

I started to live unapologetically, and I’ve felt more alive.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you continue striving to really live. I will not tell you to find your passion. Just do something that makes you feel alive in the moment; Bake. Sing. Study languages. Volunteer. Travel. Create. Teach. Become an activist. Write. Build a business. Start small. Start big. Tired? Start over. Failed? That’s okay.

Set yourself free.

Me? In my 26th year, I’ll make sure I will.
And I’ll make sure I’ll continue to root for everybody. ♥️

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