Climb Mt. Hamaishidake (浜石岳) with us!

Climbing the famed Mt. Fuji on Winter might be prohibited, but you can still revel on its mesmerizing view by visiting Shizuoka Prefecture. Winter is when the snow-capped Mt. Fuji is prettiest and most visible. Want to see this majestic view? Standing on top of Mt. Hamaishidake is the best place to be!

Witnessing the majestic Mt. Fuji was the actual reason why me, my sister, and my friends, decided to drive for 2.5 hours to Shimizu, Shizuoka and do a 3-hour trek to the top of Mt. Hamaishidake. BUT! Little did I know, I will fall in love with the journey to the top, in the same way that I fell in love with the sight of Fuji-san.

So . . . . . .

Climb Mt. Hamaishidake with us, and witness the mesmerizing journey to the top!

YAMAP is a great app for mountain hikers here in Japan. The app provides features, such as actual mountain tracks and guides, to help mountaineers to navigate around the mountain safely. Click the link below for the actual YAMAP tracks.

The climb to the top takes around 3 hours. The courses of the trek are quite challenging for beginner hikers like us, but I believe all types of hikers would love it all the same.

Click here for the actual YAMAP Tracks

The experience starts at the Viewpoint

We arrived at the jump-off point of Mt. Hamaishidake in Shimizu, and parked our car at a parking lot in the middle of a farm of Oranges. This farm offers a Viewpoint for Mt. Fuji.

Here’s a snap I got from the viewpoint. Fuji-san is as pretty as I expected, even from that distance.

Picked up some Oranges!

After feasting our eyes with the view of Mt. Fuji, the pretty Sea, and the Sunrise from the Viewpoint, we started our trek to Mt. Hamaishidake by passing through lots and lots of Orange trees.

Nope, I didn’t steal Oranges! We only took home those fallen ones, because those Oranges are actually commercial products. Support farmers!

Shimizu’s Sunrise won’t disappoint

Starting the trek as early as 8am that day was a good decision. Shimizu is outlined by a wide stretch of the ocean, and that, combined with Sunrise, will surely be a picturesque view.

Walking along the streets of Mt. Hamaishidake’s jump-off point will give you an Orange farm at your left side view and a scenic Sunrise view at your right.

A steep Slope to start the Climb

Finally, after a 15-minute walk inside the Orange Farm, we finally ascended our hike to Mt. Hamaishidake’s summit by walking through steep slopes.

You better stretch your ankles before going up, because these steep slopes will definitely give you quite a challenge.

Soak in the Journey’s gorgeous Views

Here are my favorite parts of the climb.

CDrama Feels in this Bamboo Forest

If there are some beauties famed in the Japanese culture, that would be Take, or in English, Bamboos. The trek to the top will take you to a Bamboo forest, graced with full-grown Bamboos.

And what are these trees called?

Those tall trees from Hollywood movies are also quite common in Japanese forests. These trees are both mysterious and mesmerizing in person, with slender and tall trunks towering from above you.

Group of Plants growing from beneath

I will always be thankful to the Japanese community for protecting and allowing these plants to grow wildly and freely in these forests. I don’t know all the names of these plants, but they surely are beautiful. Very beautiful.

Picked up some wild Berries

Everytime we go mountaineering, picking up some wild Berries along the way has become a norm. Japanese wild Strawberries are very common in mountain tracks. You are free to pick them up and eat them. Usually, they are sour, but if you are lucky, you might find some ripe and sweet ones.

Momiji in Winter

If you climb Mt. Hamaishidake in early Winter, you might still be able to find some Momiji along the way. These Autumn Leaves, even when they have already fallen, are still as pretty as when they were still on the branches.

Passed by a petite Pine Tree Forest

Pine Trees are one of my favorite trees, because they are pretty. My sister and I call them “Christmas Trees.” They are plenty along the way.

I didn’t know that these Pine Trees actually have fruits, but they do. Their fruits look like Tomatoes!

Below might be the most mysterious and interesting part of our trek.

A Pathway cloaked with seemingly dead, or perhaps burnt, Pine Trees. Brought us back to those scary Disney Princesses moments in the woods. Nonetheless, this dark Tree tunnel is very picturesque for me.

Thin Bamboos? For real?

When I thought these are just mere grasses, they told me these are actually another type of Bamboos. You will pass by a huge forest of only these thin Bamboos along the way.

The winding Road

The 3-hour trek to the top felt very long for us. The winding pathway is full of surprising species of plants and trees. The trekking was quite challenging and fun!

Finally, we have arrived!

And what a gorgeous Summit View!

After going downhill, uphill, and in circles, finally, we arrived on top of Mt. Hamaishidake. The 3-hour climb was all worth it!

Oh, Fuji-san, You’re a Beauty

When we first arrived at the foot of the mountain, we couldn’t see Mt. Fuji, because she was all covered with clouds. Gladly, after the whole climb, the cloud wore off, spreading a clear view of the famed Fuji-san.

At the Right, it’s the Sea View

Mt. Hamaishidake’s summit truly offers you all types of views. It does not only offers a clear view of Mt. Fuji, but also a relaxing view of Shizuoka’s Seas, and the Nothern Japanese Alps at the right.

Enjoyed the View with delicious Foods

When you go to places as gorgeous as this, take advantage of the view by staying there longer. For us, we brought some foods and did a Picnic on top of the Summit. One friend of mine cooked a Red Beans Soup for all of us. Oishikatta!

And here’s a final look at Mt. Fuji

This beauty is by far, the prettiest mountain I have seen in my life. With that semi-perfect cone and Snow topping, it gave me nostalgia and flashbacks of those cute postcards I saw in bookstores when I was younger.

And so, that was the beautiful Mt. Hamaishidake, featuring our favorite Mt. Fuji in the view.

How to get there?

It is quite difficult to reach the jump-off point of Mt. Hamaishidake without a private transport. With that, it is advisable that you bring your own or rented car or motorcycle when you visit there.

Credits: Mt. Hamaishidake Management

Mt. Hamaishidake is in Shimizu, Shizuoka. Here’s a Google Maps link for your reference:

Mt. Hamaishidake
Yuimachi Yahara, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka, 421-3107

Here are the nearest stations in the area:

  • JR Shimizu Station
  • Tomei Expressway (Shimizu Interchange)

Travel Tips?

Here are some tips before your travel:

  • Start early
    Witnessing the pretty sunrise from the sea view is such a great way to start the trek.
  • Bring snacks for powering up
    The 3-hour trek was not a joke. You would need some Carbo for powering up.
  • Check the weather. Mt. Fuji is not visible all the time.
    This is perhaps the most important. You should check if it’ll be cloudy or rainy. You should check if Mt. Fuji will be visible on that day, because most of the time, it isn’t. They say October-March are the most favorable months to visit the place. I agree to that remark as well.

And that’s a wrap!

Mt. Hamaishidake is a gorgeous mountain. Not only will it offer a clear view of Mt. Fuji, but it will also surprise you with a variety of magnificent views along the way. It is truly worth a visit. Get your mountain wears now, and visit Mt. Hamaishidake!

Yours always,

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