How to make the most of your Cuatros Islas Trip

As a Leyteña, I feel like it is obligatory to visit Cuatros Islas at least once. So, I spent an afternoon there with my girls last August 2019. It was such a fun trip, but we needed to rush because our time wasn’t enough. Now, I am telling myself that I AM TOTALLY COMING BACK!

So here’s me spilling all the details about what went wrong during our trip, so that you can enjoy yours. How to make the most of your Cuatros Islas trip? Read ahead!

Although I am still going to talk about how beautiful Cuatros Islas is, I am sure that you’ve heard about that for countless of times already. So, I am not going to emphasize on that anymore. Instead, I am going to talk more about the logistics, and some tips on how you can make the most of your trip because yes, that’s what I am here for.

1. Start early!

So, being a late riser is the main factor why we set off for the trip after lunch. We traveled from Hilongos to Inopacan via Davao Metro Bus at 12:30pm, paid Php 25/person (if I remember it right), and reached Inocapan, Leyte at 1pm.

The registration and the wait for the Island Hopping Pump Boat also takes time. Most importantly, travelling to one island to another takes around 20 – 40 minutes. So basically, starting around 8am in the morning would be best. That way, you will have the whole day to enjoy yourself.

2. Bring some Foods and Drinks

Since you will be spending the whole day or afternoon doing the Island Hopping, it would be best to not starve, right? Other than that, wouldn’t it be great to have something to munch while travelling the waters and watching the great view?

Bringing a portable grill for your fresh Pork and Fish might be a great idea. Pair them with your Poso. Plus the basics; Lumpia and Pansit! Awwwww now I’m missing the Philippines!

So did we bring some foods during our trip? Of course, NO! Now I regret that. I am telling you, chilling is great, but chilling with foods is best!

3. Bring your Squad or your Family with You

The Pump Boat fee for the whole Island Hopping tour is at least Php 2500 day use. That amount and you will have the whole boat for yourself the whole day. There are 2 ways to make the most of your money;

(1) Ask strangers to share the boat with you and pay half of the price. (2) Party with your squad or your family

I believe #2 is best. That’s a no brainer!

After our trip, I felt very sad that we were only able to stay there for an afternoon, plus there were only the 3 of us occupying the boat. Next time, I will surely bring my whole family with me, and we will enjoy our foods and time together the whole day.

4. Stay Overnight!

You read that right! It is possible to stay overnight in the islands. Digyo Island is most popular for overnights. There are also specific boat packages that include overnight.

Listening to the sound of the Ocean while lying on the soft sand is still one of my favorite things to do. Stars are also the prettiest when watched from the darkness of an Island. So, pack up your tents and go overnight!

5. Be confident in your Bikinis, take great Pictures!

No matter if you are a man, a woman, or a kid, it would be great that you can just be confident with your appearance, and be brave to take that great picture that you want. This way, you will not only take the experience with you, but also printed memories.

Some Specific Logistics? Yes yes yes

I know that the logistical details are as important as the 5 tips above, so, I wouldn’t dare leave these details behind. Check them out below:

Entrace Fee
  • LGU: Php 50/person
  • DENR: Php 10/person
  • Barangay Maintenance Fee: Php 10/person
Boat Rentals
  • 10 persons below:
    Php 3,000 (Island Hopping w/ Overnight)
    Php 2,500 (Island Hopping, no Overnight)
  • 11-20 people
    Php 3,500 (Island Hopping w/ Overnight)
    Php 3,000 (Island Hopping, no Overnight)
  • 21-30 people is Php 5,000 (Island Hopping w/ Overnight)
Cottage Rentals
  • Closed Cottage (Day Use): Php 500
  • Open Cottage (Day Use): Php 300
  • Tent: Php 200
  • Additional Charge for Overnight: Php 50
Other Fees
  • Water: Php 30/container
  • Tent Space: Php 50
  • Cooking charge: Php 50
    This is when you ask other people to cook for you.
Contact Information

Mr. Bong Abenoja
LGU Tourism, Inopacan Leyte,
(0948) 623 1860

And that’s it!

There is one thing I would like you to remember; no matter how the planning goes, just enjoy the moment when you are there, because that’s the only thing that matters. Don’t let the details get in the way!

Enjoy your trip to Cuatros Islas!

Thank you for reading,

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