A Message of Solidarity: Life in the Time of a Pandemic

Dear you,

How are you? These are trying times, and I know that it has been tough to you and to your family. I hope that you are doing well, both physically and mentally. I am well-aware that each of us is fighting this battle against the COVID-19 disease in our own ways. With that, I send you my snappy salute for whatever it is that you are doing not just for your family and country, but for yourself as well. Kudos!

The COVID-19 has not only spread health concerns all around the world. It has also spread fears, panic, racism, and variety of social injustices. The daily realities that we all are very much acquianted with is turning into one of those apocalyptic scenes that we were only used to seeing in movies. It also scares me to the bone. This life in the time of a Pandemic has absolutely challenged us individually, our families, our governments, and our global leaders. Things might’ve turned out to be more complicated, but the solution is crystal clear; We must go through it all together, in unity. We must wage a battle against the Pandemic in a way where no one gets left behind. I am one with you in that goal. So here I am, sending out this heartfelt letter of solidarity to you. I am with you and with the world in this fight. We can make it through together.

But first, thank you.

Contributions, may it be big or small, matters. To you, who does his or her best to stay at home and do self-quarantine, thank you for taking care of yourself, because in that way, you take care of others as well. To you, who is a businessman, but does not take this opportunity to raise the prices of your products despite the demand, thank you for choosing people over profit. To you, who chose to not hoard supplies, thank you for thinking and leaving some for others. To you, who is a frontline warrior, may you be a medical worker, a Police, a Military, a driver, a cook, a community cleaner, a government official, whatever role you take, thank you for doing the actual leg work while the rest of us here wait comfortably in our homes. To you, who is the leader of a nation or of an organization, thank you for prioritizing the public and for being a symbol of resilience and strength. To you, who continuously demand for accountability and for the right support from your government, may it be online or offline, thank you for speaking up and standing up for those who cannot fend for themselves. You may all act and fight this Pandemic in different ways, but you all are savings lives. Thank you.

Fight against both the Pandemic and Social Injustice

These are dark times. We do not only have the highly contagious nCoV affecting hundreds of thousands of people, but there is a deadlier virus that is taking over people’s minds and hearts; Social Injustice. Social Injustice has become even more rampant as people struggled to survive daily with all the lockdowns and community quarantines happening across the globe. I hope you choose to fight not only against the Pandemic, but also against the Social Injustices happening around you.

Stand against Racism

The rise of Racism against Asians have been reported all around the world. Earlier in March, a young Singaporean was beaten up in London due to the nCoV scare. Many establishments all around the world have denied entries to Asians, especially to Chinese nationals. There have also been increasing cyberbullying incidents towards Asians in the span of 3 months. These are very sad news. We have to remember that these are people being abused and labeled wrongfully just because of their race. We have to remember that this Pandemic is not brought about by race. Now, more than ever, all races must unite instead of bringing each other down. I hope this Pandemic do not turn us into monsters. In a world where you can be anything, I hope you always choose to be kind.

Do not forget the Plight of the Underprivileged

As communities do their best to fight the Pandemic, many tend to forget the plight of the underprivileged and the poor. I have seen countless insensitive remarks from people condemning and shaming how the underprivileged and the poor could not follow the simple protocol of staying at home. These remarks have saddened me greatly. While many of us can afford to stay in the comforts of our homes, majority of the people in the world just can’t. Many people cannot compromise their ways to make a living because that means not putting food on their tables tonight or tomorrow. Because that means, no can of milk for their newborn babies in the weeks to come. There are also people who need to go out for their regular treatments, such as dialysis or chemotherapy. These people are the most affected when Lock-downs or Community Quarantines are implemented. They will not be able to live without the help from their governments. Unfortunately, instead of receiving economic support from their governments, the underprivileged and the poor receive curses from the privileged and the elites in their society. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I hope we check our privilege. I hope we put ourselves in their shoes. I hope we acknowledge their struggles and I hope we empathize and show compassion. I also hope we fight for them, because more often than not, they cannot fight for themselves. After all, it is not their fault to be born and to be living in a skewed system.

People have always said that nobody should be left behind. I hope people understand what that really means. Because, that means we move forward together. That means we think and empathize on the struggles of others. That means we encourage unity. If we really believe that nobody should be left behind in our fight gainst this Pandemic, then, we do not tolerate and we condemn these Social Injustices lurking in the very streets of our communities. That way, we can say with all our hearts that nobody really gets left behind.

Always choose to help

I hope you do not choose Apathy.
I hope you choose to lend a hand and help.

Help can be offered in various ways. Help is not restricted to grand initiatives. Help can be big or small. Help can be as easy as staying at home, or as difficult as leading a donation drive. Help may be in the form of spreading awareness or demanding for accountability and support from your government. Help may be in the form of being an honest and cooperative COVID-19 patient. Any help given, big or small, is a huge contribution. So, I hope you choose to help. I hope you choose to care.

If you can afford to donate funds, here are verified and useful links to donate to organizations that provide funding for the fight against COVID-19:

  • A Donation and Fundraising Campaign for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19 (Philippines)
    The Kaya Natin! Movement, in coordination with the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines, is organizing a donation and fundraising campaign for personal protective equipment (PPE) and care/food packs for health workers and frontliners fighting COVID-19.
  • The Great Toilet Paper Chase of 2020 (Worldwide)
    A virtual marathon with majority of proceeds to be donated to charity, and at least 30% of each registration will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund through the World Health Organization (WHO).

If you want to help through a COVID-19 awareness campaign, you may refer people to the WHO Alerts:

WHO Alerts
World Health Organization (WHO) Alerts is a way to get authoritative information about the coronavirus sent directly to your WhatsApp.
Install WhatsApp and SIGN UP HERE!

I am just 1 of the 7.7 billion people in the world today. I know my voice is weak and my reach is small, but I am still sending this simple message of solidarity to the world. I am one with you in the fight against this Pandemic. I pledge and commit to unity, to a progress where nobody gets left behind.

Thank you,

5 thoughts on “A Message of Solidarity: Life in the Time of a Pandemic

      1. I need everything you wish for me, and I need every soul of love for other people, Without not knowing how important each message is, but not to give up and keep doing what you like to do !! environmental love, your wishes go back to you. ! My heart is full ♥ ️ Thank you for your constant (visit) support in this blog. Stay safe and healthy. More strength for you! ✨

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