Back in Cebu South: Binalayan and Inambakan Falls

Reminiscing my trip back home to the Philippines last August 2019, I realized that I haven’t yet blogged about our exciting first time visit to 2 beautiful waterfalls in Cebu South. With that, I am launching my blog’s #TravelTuesdays special with this unforgettable experience of ours during our visit to these pristine waterfalls in the Queen City of the South!

*Fingers crossed that the COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon.* Planning to visit Cebu South in the future? If you are, make sure to read until the end!

Cebu South is definitely one of my favorite places in the Philippines. I’ve lived in Cebu City for 8 years, and whenever I decide to have a holiday getaway, I always choose to run to the south of the province. The reason for that is because, Cebu South just has it all. In the past, I was able to visit the historical city of Carcar, eat Lechon and Chicharon there. I was able to swim with the Whalesharks in Oslob. I was able to bask in the white beaches of Santander and Badian. I was able to climb the hills of Osmeña Peak. I was able to witness the beauty of Aguinid and Kawasan Falls. These treasures are all in Cebu South, I have yet to discover and see more!

Last August of 2019, I decided to show my friend the beauty of Cebu South, so I took her to Oslob. My plan was simple. Stay for the white beach and Tumalog Falls of Oslob, then head back to the city. However, the adventure was way more fun that expected! We met kuya Richie, who took us to more beautiful spots that we can ever imagine; the Inambakan Falls and the Binalayan Falls. Encounters like this really remind me why I love the people of the Philippines. Filipinos are just full of surprises!

Binalayan Falls

The newly discovered darling of Samboan is Binalayan Falls. I will forever remember this waterfall because it is here that I made the highest jump in my life by far; a 45-meter jump under one of the fall’s semi-cave. I know this isn’t high enough for others, but mygosh, I nearly packed and surrendered. I’m glad I didn’t. It was exciting and mad at the same time!

From the jump-off point by the road, the walk to the Falls is around 20 minutes. Of course, you will have your own tourist guides, as advised by the provincial government of Cebu. I no longer remember the details of the visit because it’s been almost a year. So, I’m pulling up a guide here for those who would like to give this beauty a visit: click here.

Overall, the stay was great! The 20-minute walk to the falls was not that long, and the trek was fun. The tourist guides were very entertaining. They really knew how to make a conversation. One tourist guide even showed us his 60-meter jump from the top of the waterfall! It was crazy! Most importantly, the waterfall was such a beauty. The water is definitely cold and deep. The jumps are challenging. This place is definitely recommended.

Inambakan Falls

I really do not know if people used to jump off the tip of this waterfall before, that’s why it’s called Inambakan, but please don’t ever try to jump off this giant. Believe me, it’s veryyyyyyy high!

Hailing from Ginatilan, Cebu this gigantic waterfall is very beautiful. I was left open-mouthed when we arrived to it. The water bursts in a wide curve. It has a small cave under it. It’s pool is deep and wide, while its water current is rough. During the golden hour, the sun meekly shines at it creating a visible ray of rainbow when the sunlight hits the falling water. It is heaven. One can just stare at this beauty for hours! I really wished I brought a better camera when I went there. My pictures cannot give this waterfall the justice it deserves. It’s just unbelievably beautiful.

In order to reach the location, you would need to travel to the mountains by vehicle. The place is quite far. Upon arriving at the jump-off point, you will then be joined by tourist guides, as usual. Just take note that parking isn’t free, so make sure to bring some extra cash for it. Again, I no longer remember the logistics of the visit, so here’s a link to a complete guide to Inambakan Falls for you.

Inambakan Falls soars as my 2nd favorite waterfall by far. Of course, the 1st in my ranking is still Negros’s Casaroro Falls. Though Inambakan didn’t beat Casaroro in my most favorite waterfall ranking, this beauty very much deserves a special mention. It is one of the most stunning waterfalls I’ve ever seen by far.

Waterfalls are definitely one of my favorite spots in the Philippines. We just have stunning waterfalls starting from those mini-canyoneering falls to absolute gigantic ones. Each of them has their own beauty. Cebu South, on the other hand, has loads of waterfalls that await all of us. I hope this short blog introduced you to your next travel destination. Enjoy!

Thank you,

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