LAUNCHING: Project Batang Hilongosnon

During my birthday last year, I promised that I’m moving my advocacy for Education forward this year. I imagined that I would launch it by the time I celebrate my 2020 birthday, which is this December. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us all to the edges.

Did you know that as you are sitting comfortably in your study table ready for your online classes everyday, there are students and teachers;

• Who are stopping their studies because they cannot afford online classes?
• Who are climbing mountains just for mobile signal?
• Who do not have the penny to even pay for an hour in the internet cafe to download their study modules?
• Who do not have the gadgets to watch the videos of their learning modules?

That’s the reality of many Filipinos in the new normal. Not everyone has the privilege that you have. We must extend our hands to help everyone. Not tomorrow or next year, but NOW.

With my sister Anna Marie Perez as my co-founder, and with the help of friends and family, we will be helping the students and teachers of Hilongos survive the NEW NORMAL of this academic year.


  1. To provide WiFi Hotspot Areas all around Hilongos that students and teachers can use for FREE for their online classes, seminars, or requirements;
  2. To provide School Supplies Sets to all Hilongosnon students, including long bond papers for the printing of the MOOEs.
  3. To provide Gadgets to undeprivileged students for their online classes or videos for their Modular Learning.

How to help?


There are 2 ways on how you can donate with us. Please check each item below:

1. School Supplies Package Set

We will be distributing a small School Supplies Package Set to all students of Hilongos. This might only be a small donation to children, but this will help them get through their Modular Learning sessions. Our package incudes the following:
1pc Notebook
1pc Yellowpad
1pc Pencil or Ballpen

Also, we received news that our teachers are also having shortage of funds for the printing of the Learning Modules (MOOE) for the students. For that, we will also be donating REAMS of LONG BOND PAPERS to Elementary Schools all around Hilongos.

2. New or Used Gadgets

Our Elementary and Secondary schools have opted to Modular Learning, however there are still video modules that the students need to watch and many more challenges that require gadgets. It may surprise you but there are still many families now that do not even have smartphones. How will they survive Modular Learning? Moreso, there are also College and Graduate students who are not given any other option but online classes. Unfortunately, many of them do not have gadgets as well.

With all of those challenges, we are hoping to provide help by providing them new or used gadgets from donations.

How to donate?

For Money Donations, you can send them to the following:
Lilibeth Perez Inguito
Anna Marie Gibe Perez
Lilibeth Perez Inguito
SA 0946 2480 02
(Dana Marie Gibe Perez)
Cash, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhullier, M Lhuillier, etc
Bonnie Vina C. Zamora

For actual Gadgets or School Supplies Donations, you can have them delivered to the following address:

Lilibeth Perez Inguito
Landline: 053 567 7790 / Mobile: 0906 441 0047
LCGP General Merchandise
R.V. Fulache Street, Hilongos, Leyte, Philippines
Open Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Sat

IMPORTANT: Donate thru either the donation points above and then, fill up the following form to notify us of your donation:


There are 3 ways on how to volunteer with us:

1. WiFi Hotspot Host

The major challenge of this NEW NORMAL is to provide Internet connection to students from far flung areas without cramping them into one location, in order to keep physical distancing. With that, we’ve thought of mapping WiFi Hotspots throughout the town. We are asking privileged people with WiFi connection at home to open their houses to students who need Internet connection to complete their school requirements.

To become a WiFi Hotspot Host, register using the link below:

2. Work for the Team

Volunteer to help us during our operations such as planning, preparing, and distributions of donations. Please click on the link below to access the volunteer registration form:

3. Teacher Coordinator

A teacher coordinator will be one of our contacts during the preparations and distribution of our donations to their school. All the statistics for the amount of donations and instructions during the distributions of donations will be consulted to the teacher coordinators.

To become a teacher volunteeer, please click registration form link below:

Be Informed!

Follow our FB page Project Batang Hilongosnon for regular updates of this campaign. I will also be posting updates in this blog therefore, subscribing here is also another option to keep updated.

I hope you take the time to DONATE, VOLUNTEER, OR even SHARE our campaign to support this cause. Your big or small contribution matters. Hilongos needs your help now. Support our cause!

THANK YOU! #WeHealAsOne ♥️🤲🏼

Thank you,

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