When You Establish Your Purpose, You Grow

As my blog celebrates it’s 5th anniversary, I reminisce my beginnings. Most importantly, I reminisce my journey.

It was the night of August 3rd 2015. I was trying to decide whether to put up a personal blog or not. This yearning of having a small space in the inter-web, that I can call home, started when I first singlehandedly planned a trip and I was aching to share to the world how I meticulously planned everything. And so, my personal website started as a Travel Blog.

From 2015 to 2017, I barely published articles– was only able to put up 30 articles in those 3 years, garnering only 3,461 reads. I didn’t know what it was that’s hindering my website’s growth. I was a lost kid trying to express myself but was also not sure on what I was trying to express. I wanted to write about travels, but I also wanted to write about my hobbies and my struggles. I was basically writing whatever sprung out of my head in random moments. I didn’t have direction. I didn’t have goals aside from producing content. My personal blog simply existed for the sake of existing– for the sake of satisfying my ego of wanting to have my own website. In return, I didn’t have followers, very few reads, and uncoordinated contents. Most importantly, I felt empty.

It was in 2018 when I finally realized the importance of cultivating and establishing a purpose for my little nook in the inter-web. The process was very slow but I was eventually enlightened, one experience after another. By that time, having a website no longer meant constantly aiming for thousands of views, reads, shares, or likes. It already meant more than that. I no longer cared about reads or visits. I stopped depending from people’s reads, likes, and shares in validating the existence of my personal blog. What mattered to me was only fulfilling my purpose. And with that, I was happy. Most importantly, I was freed.

Aside from the freedom, contentment, and assurance that a purpose has given me, it also gave me direction. It allowed me to establish milestones. It geared me to focus. It also allowed me to organize.

I decided within myself that what I really wanted is a place that would mirror who I am– my dreams, my struggles, my potentials, my authenticity, my interests, and my passions– the multiple sides of me. It was 2018 when http://www.danamarieperez.com became a home to a Multipotentialite woman who wanted to spread her wings. Establishing to use my website to showcase my Multipotentiality was liberating. What used to be called “random topics” are now classified into the Multipotentialite features that I wanted to show. I was able to write about my Advocacies for the Environment and Education. I was able to write about my Explorer self. I was able to ramble about me being a frustrated Musician. I was able to share about my interest in Business. My Software Engineer, Glossophile, and the many sides of me will also be in one of these pages soon. Therefore, my website has finally taken it’s true form– that is Dana Marie Perez.

After the Purpose comes Growth

Just when I no longer cared about views and shares, that’s when my statistics boomed. The year 2018 has shown me that after you have established purpose, it gifts you with growth.

In 2018 alone I’ve had almost 10,000 reads while 2019 garnered almost 6,000 reads. The first 6 months of 2020 has already given me almost 4,000 reads.

As of writing I received 22,212 reads by 14,534 visitors from 125 countries all around the world.

My Top 5 Articles

  1. An ENTJ’s Diary: The Struggle with Inefficiency, Incompetence and Laziness
  2. They said He’s not Good Enough for Me
  3. The Sustainable Lifestyle Journey: My Hows and Whys
  4. I am an Overplanner, and this is how I plan my Life
  5. Everybody’s Appearance is valid, Toxic Comments Aren’t

Top 5 Countries

  1. Philippines (15,654 reads)
  2. Japan
  3. United States
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Singapore

It was 2018 when I started to write about my advocacy for the Environment and articles that mirror my life journey. It was in that year that my personal blog became more than just a travel blog, more than just an avenue to be heard. My personal blog became an account of my life’s journey. And by telling my journey, I realized that . . . . .

After Growth is a Realization that You are not Writing for Yourself

Little by little, as my words and experiences gained attention, I realized that I am actually not writing for myself. I felt that my words are also needed by people who goes through the same struggles, who shares the same hopes, who asks the same questions, who thinks of the same ideas, who fights the same battles, who mobilizes the same movements, and who leads the same lives. It was then that I realized that my purpose is to share Dana Marie Perez’s journey to actually come in solidarity to many who needs my words’ company. As my website grew, I grew, and so did my purpose. My writing has grown from being a hobby, to a passion, and then, to a mandate.

As my blog celebrates its 5th year, more than the personal victories that I have achieved through this small initiative, I want to celebrate the relationships that I have formed with my readers. The progress that we pushed through together— the movements fiercely fought, the struggles bravely survived, the causes untiringly pushed forward, the victories joyously celebrated, the encouragements empathically exchanged– all of those in mere words of articles, emails, letters, and comments made possible through this little website. Thank you for the awesome journey. Most importantly, thank you for the company. Cheers to the long journey we will continue to walk together.

Constantly and sincerely here for you,

3 thoughts on “When You Establish Your Purpose, You Grow

  1. Love this! As a new blogger it’s so interesting to hear another person’s journey (especially 5 years). I have always loved writing and tried blogs here and there but always chickened out. Now that I’m older, I don’t care what people think and want to do what makes me happy. Plus, during quarantine it has given me something to do. Haha!

    Take Care!
    – B 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading my journey, B! I’m happy that despite the trend favoring Youtube and Tiktok, there are still people who choose to dive into writing, specifically blogging. Growing in blogging is never easy, especially with the trend right now but if you are guided by passion and purpose, you will never let the trend dictate you. So more power to you and your blog and keep the fire burning. ✨

      You, too. Take care!
      — Dana

      Liked by 1 person

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