The Importance of just Moving Around

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from this quarantine months, it’s the importance of the simple act of moving.

I didn’t think the day would come that I’ll say I miss moving around or simply being outside very much. Since July 2020 up until now (October 2020), we’ve been forced to Work from Home. It started splendidly. I loved waking up late, grabbing the computer right away and jumping straight to work in the comforts of my bed. It was definitely convenient for me. I loved it! But the days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, then I started to feel heavy. Literally heavy. Slowly it was getting more difficult to get up from the bed. It was getting harder to get out of the house. I stopped exercising. I procrastinated doing household chores. My productivity at work was seriously getting low. I couldn’t sleep early and I always woke up late. Together with those, I can definitely feel my mental health deteriorating. The new lifestyle at home was suffocating me and I didn’t know how to save myself from it.

It was such a blessing when around September, I started reading a book called Ikigai. There, I’ve learned the importance of moving around. Moving around helps condition your body to function well. Your cells tend to sleep once your body is at rest. The simple practice of standing from your seat every 20 minutes can make your body alert once again, prepping not just your body but also your mind on the thing you decide to do next.

I cannot put into words I how I struggled to bring myself to do regular exercise again. It was difficult to do it in the mornings because I always struggle to wake up early. It was also difficult to do it in the evening because of the constant procrastination I feel from not moving the whole day. So I started with small steps. I started with the habit of standing up from my seat every after 1 hour. After getting used to that, I started forcing myself to exercise at least 3 times a week, despite those moments being late at night. When I got used to that, I started to run again, despite only doing it twice a week and despite running outside late at night because I couldn’t wake up early.

After I started moving around more frequently, I saw a change in my mood. I started to look forward for the day. I started to gain back my productivity. You see, exercising is more than just losing weight for me or getting my body fit. Exercising is more for my mental health. It keeps my mind sane because it keeps my body healthy.

How do I exercise?

I asked online last July on what mobile apps are good for exercising. I’ve received a lot of recommendations for Nike Training Club (NTC). I love it very much! It creates a workout plan for you depending on your goals. It sends you reminders. I love the compiled exercises it gives you but what I love most about it is, you can do your work with it hands-free or with very minimal interaction with the screen. You can also connect it with Apple Music or Spotify to automatically play music while you are working out! Splendid, right?

For running, I am also using Nike Run Club (NRC). That’s because in my workout plans in the NTC, it has days when I am required to run and it connects with NRC to automatically sync and monitor my running activities. The NTC and the NRC goes hand in hand together. NRC also provides comprehensive features for your runs!

Moving forward?

Living an active lifestyle is a continuous journey. It should not end when you complete 1 run. It should not end when I did your workout regimen last Monday. Living an active lifestyle is a continuous daily battle against procrastination and against worldly pleasures, and we keep pushing for this kind of lifestyle because we owe it to ourselves to keep both our body and mind healthy.

Moving forward, I want to not just exercise thrice a week or twice a week, but daily. Someday, I want to run outside despite the cold of Autumn or Winter. Moving forward, I want to pair my exercises with a healthy diet. Someday, I want to finally achieve the milestone of doing my exercises early in the morning. Someday.

I acknowledge that these feats are not easy. The feat of getting up from the bed early in the morning isn’t easy. Bringing yourself out for a jog isn’t easy. Doing regular exercises isn’t easy. Eating healthy is damn difficult. That is why I always choose to do things one step at a time. I hope you do the same, too.

For our bodies and for our minds, cheers!

Always with you,

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