Taking My Health Very Seriously

I’ve always been such a hardworker. In college starting at 16, I slept at 6am daily to finish my acads and to manage my 30 active organizations. Countless times in my working life when I clocked in to work at 9am then clocked out at 3am due to heavy overtime work. Living alone, I started not eating healthy as well. Even when I do my passion projects or even when I stay up all night to watch my favorite CDrama, I’ve taken my health for granted. Now, I am slowly feeling the negative effects of a decade of an unhealthy lifestyle. I have physically and mentally degenerated.

The first signs showed when I was 20. My memory decays faster than usual, so I had problems memorizing simple information and I forget a lot of things. Gone were my mental notes. I’ve since been overly dependent with my planners, sticky notes, and phone reminders to be able to keep track of everything that I need to do. The next signs that showed and it has become physical. I had Acne and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) started at 23. I’ve lost count at the number of beauty products that I bought and tried. I’ve also spent a lot on medical expenses to consult with my Ob-gyne and my medicines, but they’re not going away or they keep coming back. Then at 25, I panicked one winter day and definitely went on Twitter to virtually cry my heart out because I lost my 20/20 vision; started suffering nearsightedness and Astigmatism. The last blow was when I received my yearly physical examination result last year and I was advised to see a doctor because my Cholesterol level went up a little. I’m starting to realize that this is not going to stop and I’ll definitely suffer from degenerative diseases sooner or later if I don’t start changing and doing something.

So starting this week, I told myself that there should be no more excuses! Together with my whole family, I am now undergoing my very own customized Wellness Program!

Following the 5 pillars of wellness (Sleep, Food, Meditation, Exercise, and Supplementation) and with the guidance of my wealthness coaches, I am set for a healthier and a holistic lifestyle that is geared towards Optimal Healthー the life that I deserve.

You can call this self-love or self-care because that’s what it really is. I deserve this, you deserve this kind of care, too. So if you want to start your own Wellness Program, too, reach out me and let’s do this together!


Stop taking your health for granted. Start taking care of your mind and body now and join me in this journey! Let’s create the best versions of ourselves together.


Fill out this form to set an appointment with us. Let’s create your very own customized Wellness Program: https://forms.gle/uvQva3s95aPrAuJNA

Can’t wait to see you!
Cheers to a healthier, more beautiful us! ♥️

All love,

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