PINGGANG PINOY: Intentionally Eating Healthy

Raise your hand if, just like me, you’re having a hard time eating healthy! *raises hand nervously*

It’s difficult to eat healthy. That’s the truth for majority of the people around the world, and I am one of those people. This dilemma has a lot of factors; we don’t have the time and resources to prepare healthy meals, we don’t know what are healthy meals or perhaps, we don’t target to eat healthy. That’s unfortunate, because in order for us to take care of our health, we shouldn’t just consume any food. We should make sure that we consume the right food and the right amount of it. Fortunately, that’s what we’re talking about in today’s #LifestyleThursday!

I am currently in my Wellness Journey. Since it’s a journey to wellness, it includes eating right everyday. So far, so hard! *laughs* Every meal, I struggle at the numerous things I should consider in order to serve myself the right food to eat. But this girl is not giving up just yet! Perfecting the Healthy Diet slowly, and this is how I do it!

Preparing Healthy Meals

Same as everything in our lives, we have to become intentional as well when it comes to our health, especially about what we eat. We have to know our goals in order to prepare the right meals for us. What kind of goals, you ask? For example, if you want to maintain, lose or gain weight, there should be specific considerations on what and how much you eat or perhaps, if you want to lower your cholesterol levels or cure your Acne, you should choose your foods as well. These considerations should be seriously considered when you prepare your meals.

Pinggang Pinoy: The Complete Meal Nutrition with GO, GROW, and GLOW Foods

A meal of just bread and coffee is not enough! A meal with a complete nutrition should have Go, Grow, and Glow foods. This formula for preparing a meal is very basic and this is taught during our grade school years, but we usually take this for granted. With that, I am reemphasizing the importance of allowing yourself complete meal nutrition by following this basic formula. Moreso, make sure as well to balance out Macronutrients and Micronutrients in your meal.

Disclaimer: People who have specific health conditions might need to tweak this formula.

More references you can check:

Weight Management (Calorie Counting)

My BMI currently shows that I am of Normal Weight. So I’m trying to count my calorie intake and how much my body burns daily so that I can maintain my weight. Below is the formula to manage your weight. As long as we know the formula for weight management, you can already think of how you can adjust your meals and exercise to get the results you desire.

More references you can check:
Understanding Calories is Your First Step to Weight Management
Counting Calories 101

Know that there are Options

Yes! There are options! Not everyone can eat anything. Many people suffer from high cholesterol levels, diabetes, allergies, and many more. These prohibitions will limit a person to specific options in their meal preparations. However, no need to fret! There are options in everything! If a person has high cholesterol level and should limit his or her intake of meat, there are other sources of protein and so on and so forth! All you need to do is search the net and study your options!

More references you can check:
How to get protein without the meat
Eat Less, Enjoy More | A Portion Control Guide
Spice Up Your Life—Eat a Varied Diet
Your Guide to Colorful Eating: Eat the Rainbow

You can opt for Meal Replacements

There are times when we cannot find specific foods or ingredients near us; depending on the season, the location, etc. There are also times when we cannot find the time to cook a good meal, and perhaps many more reasons and constraints why we cannot allow ourselves a complete nutrition meal. During these moments, we can always opt for Meal Replacements.


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Hopefully, using the guide above, you are now able to comprehensively understand two things; (1) You need each of your meal to have complete nutrition and (2) There are a lot of options to do number 1!

The road to being healthy is not just about eating healthy because the food you take in will have no use if your body is not capable of absorbing nutrients properly. With that, you must make sure to ease your digestion!

Ease Your Digestion!

It is not just about the food we eat. It is also about how our body absorbs the nutrients of the food we eat. If your body organs are not healthy, the nutrients of the food you eat will also not be absorbed properly by you and therefore, the nutrients you ate will be rendered useless. How to make sure your body has optimal nutrient absorption? Check the steps below!

1. Provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper nutrient absorption

In order for your body to process the nutrients from the food you eat, you need the presence of specific vitamins and minerals. If you lack the required vitamins and minerals, only very few of the nutrients from the food you eat will be absorbed by your body. Provide your body with the required vitamins and minerals!


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This cellular nutrition system includes two advanced nutritional supplements: Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant. Together, they deliver a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and additional nutrients for comprehensive support for your long-term health.

2. Clean Up your Gut!

Good bacteria in your gut are very important for good digestion, nutrient absorption, boosting of production of vitamin K, biotin, and more, and boosting support in the activity of enzymes that break down macronutrients and micronutrients. Our good bacteria decreases due to taking of antibiotic, aging, stress, lack of sleep, and poor food choices. If you have experienced those factors, perhaps it is time for you to replenish your good bacteria.

And nope! Don’t think of drinking Yakult or Yogurt! Those liquid-based sources are useless because the probiotics they contain cannot survive heat, especially the heat of our stomach. Yakult and Yogurts are no less than desserts.


USANA® Probiotic
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3. Healthy Liver, Effective Detoxification

Our liver is one of the most important and hardworking organ in our body. If your liver do not function well, your body will be more vulnerable to toxins, your food intake will not be filtered properly, your liver will be suffocated with fats, and many more negative effects. It is a must that the liver remains healthy and is working properly. So you need to take care of your liver in order for it to properly execute its over 500 important functions.


Hepasil DTX
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4. Clean and Healthy Cardiovascular System

If your Cardiovascular System is clean and healthy, the transport of the nutrients, wastes, hormones, and gases to their respective places all around your body will also be done cleanly and properly. The nutrients you received from your food, despite being handled properly in your digestive system, will still be rendered useless if your cardiovascular system is malfunctioning. That’s because your cardiovascular system is the transportation vehicle of the nutrients necessary all over your body where those nutrients will be used. Therefore, you need to take a very good care of your cardiovascular system.


Proflavanol®C 100
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That’s it! That’s how you eat healthy and make sure the food nutrients that you received from the food you ate are absorbed properly by your body. With the secrets that I spilled above, you were already able to tick 2 out of the 5 pillars of wellness, and those 2 are Food and Supplementation. If you want to tick all 5 pillars of wellness, start your very own customized Wellness Program now!


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