#DBusinessDiaries: A Purpose-driven Business

The best business is a Purpose-driven Business. The level of satisfaction you have is unparalleled when your business saves people’s lives and makes it better. My heart is full. It’s no longer about the profit. It’s already about the lasting and positive impact you create in the society.

Our lolo Igoy has been suffering from his Arthritis and severe Skin Allergies for yearssss. Living in the mountains, it has been very difficult for him to travel down to our house in Bagumbayan or go down to the town proper because he cannot sustain long walks and travels anymore. Four months ago just before I started my online business, his health illnesses really took a turn for the worst. He was bedridden because his Skin Allergies have already carved a huge deep swollen injury in his left leg. Even the most basic daily routines were a struggle because of the unbearable pain of the injury; sleeping, walking, peeing, etc. It was a difficult time for the family because aside from the lockdowns due to the pandemic, we also do not have specialized doctors in our municipality or in the municipalities neighboring us in the province. We couldn’t do much aside from consulting general doctors near our area. Just when we no longer knew what else to do, the online business found its way to me.

From the very start, my reason in starting my online business isn’t solely about the huge income I can generate from it. My main inspiration was really my family because after all, the best gift we can ever give to our family is Optimal Health. Right away after starting the online business I, together with our in-house medical professionals in the team, developed a personalized Cellular Nutrition Program for my lolo Igoy. The DnA Empire took a very good care of him through our holistic wellness program. Of course, our deepest gratitude to my business partners Mariz del Rio and MaryRose Del Rio Nutritionist-Dietitian for being our angels in this journey. Three months later, look at him in the picture below.

May be an image of 2 people and text

He looks happier, free from pain. His and my lola’s faces are rounder. He happily told me that his neighbors were already wondering what kind of magic we did to him because he’s gained weight and some muscles. We took that picture when they’re in our house in Bagumbayan, meaning my lolo Igoy can finally walk and travel back and forth far places. And you know what? He thanked me repeatedly for giving him hope, for taking care of him even when I am miles and miles away. I almost cried during the call because throughout the past years, he’s always been sick. It’s been soooooo long since I’ve seen my lolo as lively as that. I was able to protect my family from pain through business and for me, that’s enough.

A lot of people do business just to earn, to be billionaires, to dominate, or to become business tycoons. They forget that business is supposedly a tool to create a lasting positive impact in the society. So if you’re doing business or even in your job, always ask what’s the purpose of what you’re doing. Are you adding value to people? Those are things that I always ask and I am beyond grateful and blessed to be fulfilling a noble purpose everyday here in my online business. Ultimately for me, that’s what matters most.

Always at your service,

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