Meet Her

Dana is a self-proclaimed Multipotentialite.

Being a Multipotentialite means having multiple interests, contrary to Specialists. For 20 years, she considered Multipotentiality as a curse. The question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Has became the very source of her doubts, fears, and insecurities. But her life changed when she decided to embrace what she is. She embraced the multiple versions of herself.

She is a Software Engineer by profession.
She is a Music Enthusiast, who hopes to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Music someday.
She is a Writer, who hopes to publish her own books in the future.
She is a Glossophile, who currently knows 4 languages and aims to learn a new language every 2 years.
She is an Explorer.
She is an amateur Businesswoman, who hopes to get her MBA someday.
She is an advocate, who pushes for advocacies on the Environment, Human Rights, and Education.
Along with her many interests are also widely separated hobbies.

Her personal website, “Dana Perez – Multipotentiality is Power.” documents how she lives her life journey as a Multipotentialite. This is to celebrate her very nature, her Multipotentiality. Somehow, this little space is not only for her. This is also a home to;

Those multipods like her,
Those who are also ENTJs,
Those who were also bitten by the Travel Bug,
Those who loves Music, the same way that she loves it,
Those language lovers out there,
Those who wants meaningful and progressive discussions,
Those who are crazy about hobbies, habits, planning, growth, and self-actualization,
Those who are also passionate about the Environment, Human Rights, and Education,
Anybody, who resonates with her story.

This virtual home hopes to help, create waves of positive impact, and make words become more than just words. So hey you, welcome home. Let’s all try to live a life that matters.

4 thoughts on “Meet Her

  1. Thanks for sharing your multi potentiality and the struggles of an ENTJ- I now feel im not the only one who is multi talented can multi task have 5 million ideas in his or head , can super focus when they want to and no longer wonders why no one can be like them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is so heartwarming! Thank you!

      It brings back memories of me being a confused 20-year-old woman who just found out that there’s nothing wrong with her because she’s Multipotentialite. I can still remember how liberating it felt. And to know that another person has felt that way, too, because of my articles, that’s definitely heartwarming.

      Wishing for you to enjoy your journey as a Multipod. Keep shining!


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