Settled in the Southernmost part of the province of Leyte lies my birthtown. Graced with its untouched beauty and warm-hearted locals, Hilongos will always be the place where my heart belongs.

This page is dedicated to showing you around the town. Even as a pure-blood local, I was not able to tour around Hilongos. So together, let’s get to know Hilongos inside-out!

For this little blog about our petite town, I will not focus on the demographics, the topography, or anything technical about Hilongos. If you are interested to know about those, let me refer you to the official website of the municipality: Welcome to Hilongos – Leyte in the Philippines. Or you may check out the Wikipedia page dedicated for the municipality: Wiki for Hilongos, Leyte. For this blog, I will show you what kind of fun, adventure, and culture the Hilongosnons enjoy.

Alright! Now our journey inside Hilongos begins. 🙂

Hilongos is a municipality name made up by 51 united Barangays who opted to contribute in building up a harmonious community together. Begin your journey by choosing a barangay you would like to visit!

P.S. This project is still under construction. I would like to apologize that I can only offer you very few articles on this page as of now. I am doing my best to complete this project so just sit back and relax. There will be more to come!

  • Agutayan
  • Atabay
  • Baas
  • Bagong Lipunan (BLISS)
  • Bagumbayan
  • Baliw
  • Bantigue
  • Bon-ot
  • Bung-aw
  • Cacao
  • Campina
  • Cantandog 1
  • Cantandog 2
  • Concepcion (Makinhas)
  • Hampangan
  • Himo-aw
  • Hitudpan
  • Imelda Marcos (Pong-on)
  • Kang-iras
  • Kanghaas
  • Lamak
  • Libertad
  • Liberty
  • Lunang
  • Magnangoy
  • Manaul
  • Marangog
  • Matapay
  • Naval
  • Owak
  • Pa-a
  • Central Poblacion (Town Proper)
  • Eastern Poblacion (Town Proper)
  • Western Poblacion (Town Proper)
  • Pontod
  • Proteccion
  • San Agustin
  • San Antonio
  • San Isidro
  • San Juan
  • San Roque (Taganas)
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Margarita
  • Santo Niño
  • Tabunok
  • Tagnate
  • Talisay
  • Tambis
  • Tejero
  • Tuguipa
  • Utanan



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