Dropping by Atami’s Akao Herb and Rose Garden

A person who wants to see some nature to escape their busy cities should visit Akao Herb and Rose Garden.

If you are in Shizuoka, Atami City will surely appear in your radar. After all, Atami City is a popular city during Summer because of its beaches. However, once a person is in Atami City, you will only hear about their famous Onsen 温泉 (Hotsprings). After all, that’s what Atami is most popular for. When I went to Atami, I decided to stay there for 1 whole day, so I had the time to tour the city. I did not expect to find a huge, and I say hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, garden housing variety of flowers, trees, and many cafes. The place is called Akao Herb and Rose Garden (アカオハーブ&ローズガーデン).

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Climb Mt. Hamaishidake (浜石岳) with us!

Climbing the famed Mt. Fuji on Winter might be prohibited, but you can still revel on its mesmerizing view by visiting Shizuoka Prefecture. Winter is when the snow-capped Mt. Fuji is prettiest and most visible. Want to see this majestic view? Standing on top of Mt. Hamaishidake is the best place to be!

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Top Cherry Blossoms Spots in Nagoya

When we say Japan and Cherry Blossoms, Nagoya City do not usually appear on people’s radar. Even after living in this peaceful city for half a year, I only really knew that this city has great Cherry Blossoms view when I started seeing them daily around the city. Nagoya City actually has some great Cherry Blossoms views!

So without further adieu, here are my top spot picks for Cherry Blossom viewing in Nagoya City:

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Living the Potterhead Dream at USJ’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

All those who are very close to me would know that I am such a huge Potterhead. I never missed a year since 2011 without having my HP series movie marathon. I, of course, took the Sorting Hat test and was sorted to Ravenclaw. From then on, every Halloween Party, I would dress up as a Ravenclaw student, except when I needed to dress up as Darna one specific year. Enjoyed my student life at Pottermore failing my Potions subject and winning my duels. I almost cried when I received my hardbound HP books as a gift last year. Lastly, going to all parks of Universal Studios with HP attraction is one of my biggest dreams as a Potterhead. Last weekend was a weekend to remember, because I got to live that dream. I visited Universal Studios Japan! And of course, I wouldn’t dare miss The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here’s how my Potterhead self lived the dream for a day!

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A Day in Winter Wonderland: Mt. Gozaisho for less than ¥7000

I felt the need of taking a break from the city life. That kind of break that would take me back to nature where it can finally breathe life back to my soul. As soon as I found Mt. Gozaisho, I right then knew that it’s the place that I am looking for.

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