A 5-hour Visit to the great Kawasan Falls (with Travel Guide and Expenses)

If you are not going to do Canyoneering, the visit to Kawasan Falls will not be worth it.

In my 8 years of living in Cebu City, Kawasan Falls is one legend that I always hear about. I never went there in the past because Canyoneering is too mainstream! *laughs Last weekend, since my sister and I visited Badian to camp at Lambug Beach, it is hard to ignore the urge to at least take a peek of the legendary Kawasan Falls of Cebu.

Disclaimer: We didn’t do Canyoneering. We just visited the location. So if you are looking for Canyoneering articles for Kawasan Falls, this is not a place for you.

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Mt. Naupa: Another Friendly Peak at the South (With Travel Guide and Summary of Expenses)

Mt. Naupa has become popular to mountaineers, campers, and trekkers since last year. We got curious about it, that is why, when my friends invited me to have a camping trip to Mt. Naupa, I did not hesitate to come!

We decided to pack our bags and spend our September 24th and 25th at the top of the mountain. That’s a weekend, of course. We wanted to see how the sundown and sunup would look like from the top so we decided to start our trip at noon and rode a bus to Minglanilla, Cebu.

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Aguinid Falls: The Mini-Canyoneering Adventure in Samboan

Our trip to Aguinid Falls was not a planned trip because Canyoneering was out of the list when we planned our Cebu South Backpacking trip. But when our tour guide suggested that we go to Samboan to experience the Canyoneering adventure of Aguinid Falls, we didn’t think twice and just hopped to the motorbike and started the travel right away!

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Oslob: A Paradise

In this generation of explorers and adventurers, Cebu province’s Oslob is a well-known travel destination. That would be because of the friendship the Oslobanons created with their huge fish friends, the Whale Sharks.

The Whale Sharks of Oslob are also the reason why we decided to travel to the south of Cebu. And we were very happy we did because our stay there helped us uncover a lot more things that Oslob can offer aside from their friendship with the Whale Sharks. I will be very happy to share those things to you through this blog.

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