1D1N in Badian for less than Php 600! (with Itinerary, Travel Guide, and Summary of Expenses)

Cebu is full of weekend getaway spots and Badian will absolutely appear at the top of your searches. Being one of the top tourist places in the Cebu province, Badian is known for its white sand beaches, pristine waterfalls, and diving spots. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay there for a full week or for just one day. Badian will not disappoint as long as you know where you’re going and what you’re doing!

One weekend, my sister and I were thinking to go camping at a white beach somewhere in Cebu that would not cost us much. I found Lambug Beach in Google very quickly and from there, we started to pack.

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A 5-hour Visit to the great Kawasan Falls (with Travel Guide and Expenses)

If you are not going to do Canyoneering, the visit to Kawasan Falls will not be worth it.

In my 8 years of living in Cebu City, Kawasan Falls is one legend that I always hear about. I never went there in the past because Canyoneering is too mainstream! *laughs Last weekend, since my sister and I visited Badian to camp at Lambug Beach, it is hard to ignore the urge to at least take a peek of the legendary Kawasan Falls of Cebu.

Disclaimer: We didn’t do Canyoneering. We just visited the location. So if you are looking for Canyoneering articles for Kawasan Falls, this is not a place for you.

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Big-ot Falls: The Mini-canyoneering Experience in Hilongos, Leyte (With Travel Guide)

I never exactly thought that there exists such a beautiful spot near my home.

Big-ot Falls is located in Brgy. San Isidro, Hilongos, Leyte. It has become popular to the Hilongosnons earlier this year when the incumbent Mayor, Hon. Albert Villahermosa, visited the place. When the visit was shared online, Big-ot Falls has become the talk of the town.

Big-ot Falls is not yet popular to people outside of Hilongos. I am also thinking of keeping it away from the outside world to preserve it, but it is too difficult not to blog about its pristine beauty. It really was captivating. ❤

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Oslob: A Paradise

In this generation of explorers and adventurers, Cebu province’s Oslob is a well-known travel destination. That would be because of the friendship the Oslobanons created with their huge fish friends, the Whale Sharks.

The Whale Sharks of Oslob are also the reason why we decided to travel to the south of Cebu. And we were very happy we did because our stay there helped us uncover a lot more things that Oslob can offer aside from their friendship with the Whale Sharks. I will be very happy to share those things to you through this blog.

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Backpacking in Cebu South: Oslob, Samboan, and Dalaguete on a Budget

Backpacking in Cebu SouthCebu is a paradise. Everything that you wish to find are here; white sand beaches, pristine waterfalls, hot springs, rich aquatic resources, exotic food and culture, smiles, and many many more. I cannot express my happiness that I am living in such a rich province. There is so much to see and explore.

For the long weekend of July, me and my special someone decided to have our very first legit adventure trip together. I decided that we go south of Cebu because I am just very thrilled to see the Whale Sharks in Oslob. Being the type of person who is in a tight budget I urged my companion that we visit four (4) tourist spots in one (1) trip to make our backpacking trip worth it since municipalities in Cebu can easily be visited. We went to Oslob, then Samboan, then Dalaguete for this trip.

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