Living the Potterhead Dream at USJ’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

All those who are very close to me would know that I am such a huge Potterhead. I never missed a year since 2011 without having my HP series movie marathon. I, of course, took the Sorting Hat test and was sorted to Ravenclaw. From then on, every Halloween Party, I would dress up as a Ravenclaw student, except when I needed to dress up as Darna one specific year. Enjoyed my student life at Pottermore failing my Potions subject and winning my duels. I almost cried when I received my hardbound HP books as a gift last year. Lastly, going to all parks of Universal Studios with HP attraction is one of my biggest dreams as a Potterhead. Last weekend was a weekend to remember, because I got to live that dream. I visited Universal Studios Japan! And of course, I wouldn’t dare miss The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here’s how my Potterhead self lived the dream for a day!

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