The Magic that is Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato was in the itinerary of the pre-booked tour that I booked for that Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the tour despite being there 30 minutes before the meetup time. Yes, I missed my packaged tour, but I figured that I shouldn’t let it hinder me from visiting this beautiful place. After spending a whole day there, I’ve never been so grateful of missing a pre-booked tour in my whole life.

Come and see the magic that is Nabana no Sato!

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1-day USJ Itinerary: 8 Attractions, Good Foods, and lots of Shopping!

To be honest, I only wanted to go to Universal Studios Japan because of their Harry Potter attraction. Yes, I was guilty of belittling USJ. laughs But let me take it all back.  Universal Studios Japan absolutely took my breath away in the sense that it genuinely made me happy for a day. I became a kid again and it was a quick taste of freedom.

Wanna know why? Scroll away!
Because I am very kind haha! I will give you our USJ itinerary to spill how we were able to visit 8 attractions that day, with 2 double rides, eat delicious foods, and many many shopping!

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