How to make the most of your Cuatros Islas Trip

As a Leyteña, I feel like it is obligatory to visit Cuatros Islas at least once. So, I spent an afternoon there with my girls last August 2019. It was such a fun trip, but we needed to rush because our time wasn’t enough. Now, I am telling myself that I AM TOTALLY COMING BACK!

So here’s me spilling all the details about what went wrong during our trip, so that you can enjoy yours. How to make the most of your Cuatros Islas trip? Read ahead!

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The 1.5D2N Bantayan Island Life

This blog is 1 year overdue now, but I am writing it anyways.

When I went home to the Philippines last December 2018, my man and I decided to spend a weekend in the paradise that is Bantayan Island. By far, it is the best and most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had. Why? Read more to find out!

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The Magic that is Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato was in the itinerary of the pre-booked tour that I booked for that Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the tour despite being there 30 minutes before the meetup time. Yes, I missed my packaged tour, but I figured that I shouldn’t let it hinder me from visiting this beautiful place. After spending a whole day there, I’ve never been so grateful of missing a pre-booked tour in my whole life.

Come and see the magic that is Nabana no Sato!

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La Playa Estrella: Great Food and Beach Lights at Night, but it’s Not Much

If you’re looking for a night party, this is the place for you. But if you are looking for a place to relax with nature, you better go to Amihan Beach Cabanas or Bantayan Island Nature Park.

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Kalanggaman Island: Palompon’s Pride (2-day Itinerary and Travel Guide)

If there is a Rookie Island Award for last year, I would say that Kalanggaman Island would be nominated for it. This gorgeous island has caught the attention of the country starting 2013 and the number of people visiting it has been growing ever since.

This summer 2016, my friends and I decided to personally witness the beauty of this island and discover why Filipinos have included this in the list for the must-visit islands of the Philippines.

This blog is not just created to share our island experience. This is also a travel guide to Kalanggaman Island. Take notes and enjoy!

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