Negros Province Escapade: Dumaguete, Valencia, and Apo Island (With Itirenary and Travel Guide)

Last September this year, my friends and I decided to explore the famous spots of Negros Island since many of our friends are from there. I am very thankful to have made this decision because our Negros adventure was absolutely one of the best trips of my life.

The newly hailed Negros Island of the Philippines is graced with so many wonders of nature. In our 2-day trip, we already visited a falls, a small island, and a nature park! How cool and swift is that? We get to trek, climb, walk, swim, jump, pumpboat ride, and many more challenging activities.

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Apo Island: Land of the Friendly Pawikans

Located at the Southern part of Negros Island, Apo Island continues to attract tourists because of its healthy and protected marine life. It is popularly known for its friendly Sea Turtles who accommodate people very congenially.

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Casaroro Falls: The Enchanting and Challenging Pristine Falls in Valencia

Valencia is blessed with so many natural spots. Casaroro Falls is just a manifestation of how blessed Valencia is.

Since we only traveled on foot, I cannot say how much would be the fare to and from Casaroro Falls. I can only tell that from The Forest Camp to Casaroro Falls, it took us 2 to 3 hours on foot. Continue reading “Casaroro Falls: The Enchanting and Challenging Pristine Falls in Valencia”

The Forest Camp: Valencia’s Best Nature Resort

Take nothing, but pictures;
leave nothing, but footprints;
kill nothing but time.
-The Forest Camp

Valencia, a first class municipality of the newly-hailed Negros Province, is home to many wonders of nature. It can offer you pristine falls, rocky rivers, virgin forests, and relaxing hot springs. With that, during our Negros Trip, we listed Valencia as the first municipality to visit and we listed Valencia’s best nature park as our first stop.

Ten to fifteen minutes away from the Valencia town proper lies The Forest Camp Nature Park. True to its name, it is a unique and well-developed nature resort surrounded with trees, a river, rocks, bamboo rooms and function halls, natural pools, and many others.

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