Dropping by Atami’s Akao Herb and Rose Garden

A person who wants to see some nature to escape their busy cities should visit Akao Herb and Rose Garden.

If you are in Shizuoka, Atami City will surely appear in your radar. After all, Atami City is a popular city during Summer because of its beaches. However, once a person is in Atami City, you will only hear about their famous Onsen 温泉 (Hotsprings). After all, that’s what Atami is most popular for. When I went to Atami, I decided to stay there for 1 whole day, so I had the time to tour the city. I did not expect to find a huge, and I say hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, garden housing variety of flowers, trees, and many cafes. The place is called Akao Herb and Rose Garden (アカオハーブ&ローズガーデン).

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An Afternoon in Kiyosu

I am currently on a mission to visit all the castles in Aichi, and while mapping out my target locations, I came across pretty Kiyosu. Kiyosu is a small city near Nagoya. Prior to going there, I had no other intention to do there other than to visit their castle, but it turned out, I actually had a great afternoon around the neighborhood. Why? Well, read ahead!

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Climb Mt. Hamaishidake (浜石岳) with us!

Climbing the famed Mt. Fuji on Winter might be prohibited, but you can still revel on its mesmerizing view by visiting Shizuoka Prefecture. Winter is when the snow-capped Mt. Fuji is prettiest and most visible. Want to see this majestic view? Standing on top of Mt. Hamaishidake is the best place to be!

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The Magic that is Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato was in the itinerary of the pre-booked tour that I booked for that Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the tour despite being there 30 minutes before the meetup time. Yes, I missed my packaged tour, but I figured that I shouldn’t let it hinder me from visiting this beautiful place. After spending a whole day there, I’ve never been so grateful of missing a pre-booked tour in my whole life.

Come and see the magic that is Nabana no Sato!

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Looking Back: Kizuna (絆) Project in Japan

Photo credit: BBC News Asia
Photo credit: BBC News Asia

The Great East Japan Earthquake was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to have hit Japan. It happened last March 11, 2015 with the magnitude of 9.0 (Mw). Aside from the physical damages, Japan also suffered other negative effects from the disaster. One pressing problem that Japan has encountered after the disaster was more on how the world saw Japan at that moment. A negative stereotype that the country has become a danger zone because of the high radiation level that was caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, has been constructed by the global community. The country, which was one of the world’s premier tourist destination, has become one of the most feared go-to places. This stereotype has become one of the pressing issues that the Japanese government wanted to eradicate right away. The only way to eradicate the stereotype is to prove that it is not true.  The Japanese government has launched many projects in order to support this cause. The Kizuna (絆) Project for the Philippines is one of those projects. It is organized by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) in partnership with the Philippine National Youth Commission (NYC) and it took place from December 2012 to March 2013 with 3 batches.The project does not only focuses on proving that Japan is indeed safe and is still as lovely as it ever was. It also focuses on building relationships with their partner countries and giving the participants the opportunity to experience and learn from the Japanese culture.

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